The video features a conversation between the host, Mark Smith, and a person named Sagar. Mark introduces himself as an ambassador for Airbnb and mentions that he has helped many people who own property in Canberra. He shares his personal experience as a host and how Airbnb helped him generate more income from his property. Mark explains that as a new host, Airbnb gives a boost to new listings, which helps them appear at the top of search results. He also mentions the importance of managing reviews and pricing competitively using Airbnb's Smart Pricing feature. Mark discusses the issue of property damage and mentions that he had to make only one claim for excessive use of towels. He also mentions Airbnb's insurance coverage called "Air Cover" for damages. Mark explains that managing a property remotely is possible but emphasizes the need for a reliable cleaner and a way for guests to access the property. He suggests using key boxes or keyless entry systems. When asked about the average number of nights a property should be booked, Mark suggests looking at free statistics from a website called "AirDNA" for insights into booking trends in the area. He advises considering long-term renting if the cleaning issue cannot be solved.

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hi there uh Sagar I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing that correct hey um just wanted to uh get back to you uh look thanks for your um thanks for your uh request um I have helped quite a number of people who uh own property in uh in camra Mark Smith's my name I'm an ambassador for Airbnb um yeah I've helped quite a few people U who are hosts well who became hosts uh they weren't hosts when I helped them and uh from what I know they they're doing quite well number of people have Apartments there in uh CRA and um I I I don't have access to detailed statistics but I can um answer your questions and I'll go through those one by one what was your experience with as someone new well um ease of receiving bookings yeah well look I joined Airbnb as a host myself in May or June of 2017 uh and I had given up I owned a property that's about five acres uh near Orange in country New South Wales and um I had pretty much given up um and was considering selling my property because could not find a mostly because it was on 5 Acres it was going to be too much work uh for a tenant so uh it was a huge relief uh and I was struggling to get a 10 400 per week uh and on top of that if I had I would have had to have employed a gardener which probably would have cost me between 150 and 200 a week something like that so really I would have been staring down the barrel of a very poor result uh in the end I still need needed to um employ The Gardener which I did uh but instead we got something like 3 to 400 a night um and so yes we did not book it for seven nights a week but um the result was far far far better um and uh incidentally I just listed my property just before um the school holidays so I said I actually said may but it might have been I I think it was June and July and anyway uh bookings just came in and we're booked out wall to- wall across the school holidays um the real thing you have to do is get a cleaner um we we specifically ask uh ask this as one does not have any reviews or ratings that's right so when you're um a brand new uh host what they air and b do is they give you a boost as under category called new so if you go to and you'll just go to their main website um you'll see they have these categories uh fantastic pools uh beachfront properties uh Vineyards whatever well they've got a category called new and they actually bump um all news up for it's about four weeks but it might be it might be longer in some periods so that you can get some reviews um and so you actually appear pretty much at the top of the list or towards the top of the list now you won't appear at the top of the list for people wanting to go to Melbourne only people wanting to go to CRA um and if they ask to go to wen and you're at um you're at uh you know the other end of um cambert then um Yara lamla that well probably not going to show up but uh if someone types in Yara lumla and you're in Yar lum and you're new well you're probably going to be at the top of the list that way you get um some bookings and you get uh some reviews now can be good or bad so um you've got to manage that that's your job to do that um how did you inspire confidence in guests well that's I've kind of explained that uh when you were new so yeah uh you might want to give a um a very competitive rate um and and you can do use something called Smart Pricing which Airbnb have and um uh they have an algorithm and again if you keep using the Smart Pricing you will be bumped way up to the top um because uh Airbnb with their Smart Pricing think that you're smartly priced and um you'll you'll do well any experience with people damaging uh the property no no uh in um since May or June 2017 um I've had to make one claim on a guest and it was for about 36 or $37 for excessive use of towels uh they used lots and lots of linen and um like every single towel I had in the place so I had to send them um a bill which they paid um Airbnb have something called air cover and um you should uh Google that air cover and um uh it pays for things like malicious damage and that sort of thing uh I've never had to claim on it uh and I've had uh I think about 160 uh guests stay with me during that period uh there was a big long period where I didn't host at all I lived in the property um and um other periods where there was Co and things like that so um so yeah um can we manage our property remotely yes you can but you've got to have a cleaner uh and if you're in in an apartment I think you said you got an apartment in Philip um okay if you've got an apartment you need to somehow um be able to get guests into your apartment so somehow they need to be able to yeah find their way in through a key box or similar um or a keyless entry or a pin code or something like that um if you otherwise U people might have to go to a uh a key drop off place there are key drop off places I I don't know who they are but there are places in in most cities and they can um do a a key pick up and drop off at that place uh how many nights on average would you suggest uh the property would be booked uh you're asking me for a financial forecast uh I'm really not uh particularly qualified to do that um I I'm not a land Economist uh you could look at something called air DNA uh we Google that again here a i r DN a and um it'll give you quite a lot of Statistics that you can get for free uh about bookings in your area um look a lot of people uh are booked most weekends um but where you are you may well get U midweek bookings as well but you've got to solve the cleaning issue

um if you can't solve that uh you You' be better off longterm renting it um in my opinion but if you can solve the the cleaning issue and you find a cleaner uh look a two-bedroom apartment would probably cost you well you're probably going to need linen as well so a two-bedroom apartment May cost

um probably somewhere around 100 bucks uh to clean and uh I don't know if yours is big or L small it's one or two or three or 10 bedrooms or whatever uh but a two-bedroom would be somewhere around 100 maybe a little bit more than that

um and linen would probably cost you about 50 something like that per stay uh and I would recommend that you have uh no less than two nights but try and get at least three um virtually all of my places I I I'm looking for three night

bookings uh and trying to deter getting two night booking so look I hope that's a help for you if you've got any other questions don't hesitate to ask thanks sear and [Music] PAC

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