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uh good morning Mark Smith is my name um I I'm not 100% sure how to pronounce your surname um but this is your Google your um Airbnb site Zuma Zuma very nice to uh be talking with you I'm an ambassador for Airbnb uh and uh you've come through to me you've sent a question saying well you've uh you've um you've gotten up and running but you haven't yet been able to get your first booking so that's um I'm sorry to hear that uh but let's see if we can help you um let's see what we can do to help you um now

um I'm going to there is a um there's a button you can this is a video so uh there is a button I just thought it was easier to talk with you um but there is a button that you can make me go faster and slower

um okay well let's I'm just going to give you tips as we go through uh and I I'll have a look and see whether I can uh offer you some professional photos uh it could make a little bit of a difference um because uh the photos are like the very first thing that you see with your listing is a photo of snow um which uh I'm sure is is Charming um but um uh I'm I believe that the property probably has some other features for instance I can see this incredible mountain in the background which is probably very very stunning um and um I would probably uh recommend that you uh look at um uh presenting the property just a little bit differently I wouldn't have the motorbike in the picture anyway I'll send you a link if we can offer you some professional photos then I will um I'm not 100% sure about Pakistan whether a andb uh do have um uh a panel of photographers there but I'll send you a link and um if there is photographers in your area that that uh can be used then uh it would help I believe I I think you should be looking at um uh improving these in fact the first four the first four uh photographs are very very important so um many of like I think this is the wrong photo this is what's called your hero photo I think it's the wrong photo um also uh I don't know if you've got any well you should get a carbon monoxide alarm um and a smoke alarm I think these are very very important and people from certainly from my country who are going to be paying $50 per night that's Aussie so that's about 40 uh us um then I think that that's uh something that's um I think that that's something that's important now are you at hydrabad oh you you're not far from hydrabad that's what I understand um maybe it's maybe it's the different hyroad I'm not 100% sure but

um uh I'd also maybe um look at the well we'll go through these one by one so photographs very important The Heading is also that's the very first thing that you see organic three-bedroom Villa in SCU um I don't know what that means by organic um I know what the word organic means it means sort of very natural but I think we could maybe um reword that so uh something I use um called chat GPT I don't know if you can access it from Pakistan but I think about um just getting a a a uh asking chat GPT for a good heading that will make your property sound attractive um in um in English uh I'm guessing that you want all pear to foreigners um and I would think that you would uh get people from foreign countries that would be prepared to pay $40 a night or 52 Australian um that that doesn't sound um that doesn't sound too expensive um uh okay so we've then got your so I did see the I did see your calendar and um I don't know what the temperature is like we have had Co just had Co and and I mean people haven't been traveling as much so that might explain some of the quietness that you've been experiencing uh no bookings but um I would think that there would be some people booking so um you've had no inquiries um Airbnb yeah it it should it should work so the price doesn't seem too bad if you're aiming for foreigners if you're looking for locals I can't really tell you what the local prices should be uh one thing you could do to get some bookings is Airbnb have something called uh Smart Pricing and Smart Pricing would tell uh is where Airbnb set the price and um where Airbnb set the price and

um um it would mean I believe you would get bookings if you use Smart Pricing so um it may not be $40 a night uh the other thing um I I see that you've got here Furry Friends welcome bring your pets some uh sometimes I I've got I'm personally not Muslim uh but I know uh I've got many Muslim friends and uh not all of them like not all of them own uh pets and many times uh well it's also Ramadan so it's also very difficult for some uh Muslims to travel at the moment so that also could explain the uh the quietness but um I I don't know that um I don't know I don't think foreigners would be traveling with dogs and I think I if I was you I'd probably recommend um not allowing um Furry Friends um because I think that might discourage some people I I might be wrong but um yes

um so I understand what you're saying here nature lovers and travelers so but there's no photos of the mountain and and that mountain I mean that mountain looks incredible you can't you can't actually really get a good view of it and um so I just think I would let's let's see if we can do some professional photos get some more photos of nature um yes this is a photo of nature but um do you have uh uh double beds sometimes um married couples uh will sleep in a double bed

um um yeah I saw also I mean this is probably very nice style for um Pakistan um I think for the photographs I think for the photographs maybe take the sheets off these lounges um is a good

idea um this is good but uh let's let's see let's see uh let's see what the professional photos um do um so if you allow me I'll send you an invite for that um carbon monoxide is very important uh and I'll send you a link and you can get a perfectly free carbon monoxide detector that will um help foreigners like myself to come and stay uh but also smoke alarm it just makes people feel more safe um we offer a natural and organic environment natural and pure environment is the peculiarity of the Villa um I think we could word this with chat GPT to um uh to better suit English um so uh ask chat GPT to um to reword that to um make it sound um as attractive as possible I think that there's a limit maybe 500 characters


yeah so

obviously yeah I think you I think you really need better photos of nature I really do think that um okay the price as I said is okay you do need to get some reviews and once you get reviews then I think you'll get uh more bookings but uh until you get reviews maybe it's more difficult

um now this is supposed to be a um a profile about you Z Zuma this is about you now you've you've put some things uh The Villa offers offers passionate travelers to enjoy nature but actually the guests probably want to know a little bit about you and um where uh what do you do or your mother um uh um it's not to be rude um it's to um be able to connect with you so um when people travel it's it's part

of it's part of the journey is meeting lovely people like yourself and so I'll show you look I'll let's just have a look at my profile um so

uh I'll show you my profile personal information no go to profile so this is mine okay so um about me well I'm a uh a law graduate from the University I'm a business consultant and um you know what I do I speak English um I'm also a community leader I have um several properties um that I'm uh have on Airbnb so you don't need to say a lot but um um just a little bit there uh I don't know if yours had identified your phone number or uh identity but let let's go back there uh okay confirmed identity phone number excellent uh identity verified yeah look I think we could put a little bit of a story there so I'm going to send you um also uh a

um I'll send you uh some links uh it is very I think it's important to be telling a story about who you are and about your family and how did you buy them the house and all of that um by The Villa uh what has the property been in your family for many generations I don't know um do you live close by um are you working uh you know do you have children things like that I I think it's all part of an experience and when people I know from uh when I if I was to go to Pakistan and I've certainly thought about going to India um I've thought about cricket and so I would like to travel to um Pakistan and India and watch cricket so um if you could put that you're close to um the hyad cricket stadium or something um do you like um people if I so again if I was to come to Pakistan or or India I would be thinking about cricket and uh meeting people like I like to know the locals um and so if you said something like come to my place and I'll show you the best restaurants uh to enjoy the best uh Cuisine from your District that's the sort of thing that maybe people would like so I will send you some links some Airbnb links about how to tell your story because people when they travel to uh a different part of the world some are exotic like Pakistan um they uh want to experience the food experience the people experience the cricket the nature um that scenery that you showed me is quite different to the scenery we have here in Australia and I think people want to uh enjoy something exotic and different so look if you've got any more questions very happy to help you don't be afraid to send me a message um through the ebnb app and we'll do our very best I'll try and get you some photographs I can't promise that there is any photos that can be done in Pakistan we most of the people that we work with are here in Australia um and New Zealand but I'll I'll do my best thank you very much for asking the question I hope that's been helpful I'll send you the links also about the carbon monoxide and telling your story and how to do the photographs in case um in case you in case there's no professional photos that we can offer thanks very much good luck bye-bye and do let me know how you go when you get bookings and you you when you start getting reviews you I'm sure you'll get more I'll send you also something about Smart Pricing good luck bye 

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