Mark is a Superhost Ambassador for Airbnb and is advising a host in Sydney. The host mentions that the home needs to be furnished and discusses the benefits of listing a property on Airbnb. Mark also mentions that he is the Airbnb Community Manager for Western Sydney and has experience staying in Airbnb spaces. He asks for advice on what quality of goods to put in the property, such as beds, bedding, towels, tableware, and decorations. He also asks for recommendations on shops or online stores to purchase these items from. Mark suggests buying new beds and mentions the option of hiring linen. He offers to help depending on the location of the property and recommends visiting his professional website for more information. 

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hi there I'm not sure how to pronounce your name Tri Tri um hi I'm Mark um I'm a superhost Ambassador for Airbnb um you have a home in Sydney so that's good and you're thinking of listing it um excellent I'm actually in Glenbrook I've lived in Sydney the last um uh I've lived in broft and pimble and um taramara and horns being that sort of area for the last more than 20 years um I'm living in boft and sorry I'm living in Glenbrook and partly in um uh part of my time in Orange for some of the time now I thought it was just easier to um just record this you can actually speed this up if this is too slow so it can go on 1.5 times um you think you have a home in Sydney and you're thinking of listing it well obviously it needs to be furnished so there's these are some of the things that you need to think about needs to be furnished and once you've bought the Furnishing you kind of uh or you may actually have a house and I don't know you may be going overseas in that case that's that's the sort of thing uh that's ideal uh for Airbnb uh where you intend to come back um or something like that or you know in the case of orange I've got a property at Orange I spend some of my time at Glenbrook and some of my time in Orange and oops I'll just enlarge that um I spend some of my time in both places so it's fine to have um it is actually fine to have um two separate homes and we rent uh the place at Orange on the weekend uh we spend I've got a business there so I go there through the week it's not occupied and it works well so we're getting use of the property sort of seven days a week it's making money on the weekends and it's um providing us with a place to stay during the week so um so those are you've got to actually have a think about it because once you own the furniture um if you were going to if you're going to go out and buy a a whole bunch of furniture just for Airbnb then you probably uh you honestly you probably lose money um um if it doesn't work out and you know with uh with Airbnb you don't get guaranteed nights whereas with a long-term lease well you got um you know income for 6 months or 12 months so uh it's got to be the right um property at the right price and and so and in the right location so um but uh I'm actually airbnb's um Community manager for Western Sydney so that covers everywhere from I think it's like homebush Bay Drive West until you get to the Blue Mountains so uh that part of the world I know a lot about um uh have I also had an experience of staying in a few few Airbnb spaces and would like to bring the best experiences as I can to the guest very good well people will reward you and it's actually not only is it financially rewarding but you get to meet people and um if you've got if you're good with hospitality um then you know you get to share your home with someone else and get paid money uh it's kind of very very good so I've actually got three properties at the moment but there's many more that are going to um be being managed for uh myself and for other owners uh so here are some questions which quality of goods that you should put in uh for Airbnb

um that's that's a tricky question um if you've got two bedrooms then you need to um uh provide I would think two double beds so that then you can sleep sorry two queen siiz beds maybe even king-sized bed and a queen depending on the size of the rooms um if You' got big rooms I probably would put in a king-sized bed um but uh it it just depends um it depends on the space I I don't know your space um but if you can give me an address I can look it up and maybe there's um maybe it's got a floor plan online that we could see it um so you you you basically start with the bedrooms and then you um let's just say in that scenario where where you have got two bedrooms uh then you'd probably want to accommodate at least four people um I've got a property at Orange that is two bedrooms and we put it in a rollaway bed and we charge for extra um people uh because of linen requirements so we base the price on four uh but then you've got to have um seating and Cutlery and Crockery and glasswar and four at least four people um uh depending on the numbers of beds so uh but also the linen works on that basis as well so um what would you buy um well it's it's hard to know I want something good and last long well that's true and like um you can uh depreciate your um all your Furnishings fairly rapidly with Airbnb so um uh but there may be a capital gains consequence so I'd certainly consult your um accountant uh if possible can you please recommend some shops or online stores that you can buy these froms bedding towels table wear decorations um I um I I'd really like to know where you are located um there are people that will do this I actually have a business that um does staging for people uh and also co-hosting um so I'd be very willing to help you depending which part of Sydney it's in so um you don't say that but um this might sound a bit strange but uh like I we would probably recommend buying new beds um the uh linen and um that well all of our properties every single one of those will use um hired linen um and uh um in in our case we actually run company that does cleaning and Property Services and um and linen linen hire as well um and if you want to actually have a look at um some of these places have a look at my uh professional website which is SLP snowgums s n o wgs snow gums um and you're able to have a look at some of the linen uh we I'm sure there's plenty of other companies if if you weren't very close to us then clearly we wouldn't um it wouldn't be feasible to provide linen but um uh in my experience it actually costs just as much to to buy your own uh sorry just just to have laundry done to um my time is important to me um it cost just as much to um take my own linen to a laundry well the cost just just for cleaning forgetting about my time and petrol all the rest and picking it up and paying bills and doing accounting and all the rest it's it is um it it was far superior to just hire the um linen I'm just going to shut this door sorry someone's just going home [Music] um what else how many days per year before and after Co was your property well it was actually booked um yeah look during Co um it was actually except for the lockdowns like we we made phenomenal money um all of my properties were in Orange though so there Sydney people typically that came um and we' never made more money during Co now since Co um we were also very uh busy but once the borders open um see orange is a different place um once the borders open then clearly you know less local people uh domestic um clients would stay with us you know when they could go overseas but uh you would also find on the other hand well we've also got people coming to Australia um and businesses are open so I wouldn't um discount that um you might get clients that come for business travel purposes depending on which part of Sydney that you're in so um and they may well come for you know a month at a time and stay now I actually coach a lot of people uh and many of them are in Cambra um and many of them do incredibly well for long stays two weeks month two months that sort of thing um how many hours per week or month do you spend for Airbnb Services um if you have shorter stays you can probably charge uh more per night but um then there is more guests to uh keep in contact with so it becomes more time consuming um and I'm personally setting up a business here in Weston Sydney uh to do more long stays um one weeks to three weeks to a month two months that sort of thing um and I think think there'll be less that would be less time consuming um do you use cleaning services yes uh I do uh because um I'm actually a lawyer so um I can um make more money working as a lawyer and hiring a a cleaner so um but you said here I intend to do it myself but also I work full-time so I'm afraid I can't manage it uh when there are two consecutive bookings um so again I don't know where you are uh or the likelihood that you'll have uh consecutive bookings um but typically well you can actually you can easily set it up so that you put a day in between you lose a day's rent um but you but then you know you can clean it at night so um if you're cleaning at night maybe you can um do the laundry at night and it might be better for you to um have all of your own M things uh but you know I personally we we actually charge something like $275 um for yeah between yeah for for linen and cleaning I think the cheapest one even for the two-bedroom place uh it's close to $200 um uh and someone uh cleans it professionally like we actually own a cleaning company so um we pay the clean company about $130 odd for two bedroom place um and uh around $50 $60 for uh two uh bedrooms um is there any special tips you would like to share as a superhost um that is a very big question um and never that's a very open-ended question um I will send you a link to um some resources uh airb andb have um excellent host resources and things that you can read photos photos are very important and also reviews are very important so you need to get some reviews the first couple of bookings are the hardest and once you've got a couple of bookings then you got reviews and people say well you know Trio's uh place is beautiful it's quiet it's busy it's noisy whatever um it's spacious it's it's um it's a townhouse I don't know what your place is like but um uh once you get a few reviews that is very very important uh look I'll send you a link to a um a very old video by by one of the founders of Airbnb reviews are the key so I'll also send you as I said a link to the host resources so if you got any more questions um we can have a conversation anytime thanks very much I wish you good luck um and if I can help you in any way um that's what we're here for thank you very much bye

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