In the video, Mark, an Airbnb ambassador, is giving advice to Jev, a new Airbnb host. He discusses the importance of managing guest expectations through clear communication and setting realistic standards. He suggests using Airbnb's quick replies and scheduled messages to provide consistent information to guests, such as access codes, house rules, and local recommendations. He also advises on what to provide for guests, including linen, toiletries, and some basic food items like tea, coffee, and milk. He emphasizes the importance of cleanliness and ensuring the property matches the photos provided. Finally, he encourages Jev to enjoy the experience of hosting and meeting new people.

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 hi jev Mark here uh it's Tuesday the 4th of April I'm your Ambassador um well thanks for reaching out uh you've got your first booking Ed Mar baitman uh coming up uh at Easter so that's fantastic um I I assume it's Easter I don't know um there's lots and lots and lots happening and it's it's really coming into a peak time and uh really CRA I'm in um I'm actually in Orange right now but I'm also hos in Western Sydney uh but I live in Glenbrook which is in the Lower Blue Mountains and all these cold places M and bitman I'd put in the same category uh we'll have CRA um uh Southern Highlands we all get lots of bookings uh during um the cold months so I actually hope it's a really good time for you um um now uh what you asked about can uh about messaging um I'll send you a link to uh something called the complete guide to hosting um and uh there's there's all sorts of uh real good uh tips in there it's a Airbnb resource um and it has you know what to uh what to do just think of it like this you've got what you want to do is um I say this carefully like manage the guests expectations so in a way you're helping them to set them so that they you set them at a level where you feel like you can deliver so you don't promise someone the seavoy hotel in London uh and then um give them the travel lodging Cambra if you know what I'm saying it's you you you use these messages as a way to um to manage expectations to set and manage and um and so you try what I do I've I've had over 160 um guests what I try and do is um let guests know exactly what to expect um so that there's no surprises so um that's the way I um that's the way I go now you you can actually send personalized messages um to every single one of them when you've got multiple properties it becomes a little bit trickier to do that um uh and well you may never have multiple properties but um so what I do and and what a lot of people do and Airbnb facilitates this is they've got these things called quick quick replies so you go into your inbox and it's this little thing here um now ambassadors have quick replies too and this is a long reply this is a very personalized reply genev so uh you're special um so you want people to all your guests to feel special and not like they're getting a canned response but um but uh this is a way that you can provide a consistency so it's not so much that you're automating this you're providing a consistent level of service so you work this out with a first guest and after a couple of guests then find out the sorts of questions that they have and you can almost guarantee that your next guest is probably going to have the same if the first two had it then the third one may have it like for instance what's the address or how do I get there or what's the wifi or um what's the Wi-Fi password um you know let people know what to expect so what are the house rules um you asked about house manuals um and you can set a lot of this up on Airbnb so that uh you don't have to have an actual folder uh where should I go what are some highlights in the area now I don't know Marin baitman extremely well but I know that there's this qual place somewhere out there um I met this lady who has game um game stuff I don't know I can't remember but anyway um like I would throw in you know that I know you got a few uh wineries uh where's some places you can go for a drive what are some sight scen all of that and like people are going to think wow I'm getting this really good personalized service so um so I'm just going to minimize a photo of my head and it is personalized but you're just doing it on a very consistent basis so um so you can actually set this up with these little things called short codes um and cleaning those and we tell people again what to expect so people are paying for a um a particular service now you can actually insert um guest name guest surname check-in date there's some fields that you can actually get it inserted so that you can have you know dear uh and then dear dear guest name um you know if you get what I'm saying so it'll do like a Mal merge for you so these are some topics I won't tell you what to write but uh access people want to know how do they get in um um I won't send you what my access codes are but um you get the get the G now Co interaction um uh conveniently I as I said I I told you where I live I don't always uh I've got most of my properties are in orange and most of the time I'm not close by just so we just say for Co reasons um we limit human interaction so that means I don't have to go and meet them at the house um at 10:00 at night when they arrive uh directions um door tricks now I've got a trick with my door it's a bit tricky so I tell people so that again you're helping to manage the expectation oh when you get there you know you got to pull the handle and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and then they know um uh sometimes I send this out oh just a quick heads up now this I haven't sent this out lately because it hasn't stopped raining but um uh there can be dust so that if the clay is Miss a bit of dust it's not a problem um we live on five acres out here and flies yeah we have flies uh handbook um now um uh house manual in interaction leaving instructions oh now I will tell you this um we'll have a look at this dear um um G I hope you've had a wonderful stay tomorrow is your departure date so you can actually schedule these uh to happen um X number of hours or days before check out or check in so um you want to set up these uh these uh timed um timed messages so um I'll just have a look uh oh [ __ ] sched so okay there there you go so you've got quick replies so they're like a canned one or um schedule messages so again this comes out the night before they come back uh hey tomorrow you got to go sorry see you um and so these are some examples during your WiFi during the stay here's the password what to pack what to pack so um especially like uh things like um um do they need 10 and coffee do they people ask uh is linen included uh yes okay but then the next question is what linen is included so you don't probably throw in 100 tows but there's two tows uh per bedroom or something you know um um so again you can manage the expectation so that um well you know and if you if they use extra maybe you won't might want to let them know that we've got a linen charge we'll send we'll send them to the laundry and they charge us you know $8 a tow or whatever costs so look I hope that's uh helpful I'll just have a look at your note here um so that's you're having you're a bit nervous want to make sure everything I have everything perfect well now everything doesn't have to be perfect it just has to be um you set the expectations and then then you go to achieve it you or to exceed it hopefully so um you should have lots of photos photos help set the expectations so if you got Buckingham Palace in there and again it's not quite to that standard um you you want to set the standard you want to set the expectations so that you can achieve it uh can you let me know uh what to leave out for guests well um okay I don't know what you've promised but um uh what a lot of people do and certainly what we do you want them to have linen usually but I don't know what what deal you you've done with them but think about what you would expect if you were going to an Airbnb so I know um I went and stayed at one recently um I stay at them all the time uh it had uh it had linen um it had tea and coffee it had you know water uh it had jugs you know it had the all the usual appliances you'd expect um TVs and um uh not necessarily subscriptions but you'd want them to um have a device so that if depending if someone's staying for one night or staying for a week there's probably different requirements um uh so certainly pillows um maybe spare pillows blankets can get hot uh can get cold uh what about electric blankets [Music] um you'd want the place to be um clean they expect that uh toilet paper um soap um

shampoo um yeah when you go to stay in a hotel they give you those little packs uh well you wouldn't be expected to provide those little packs but you you um you you expect that there'd be a bulk um uh hand soap uh personally I only use the liquid stuff because uh that is easy to dispense and doesn't leave a mess you know and you're not throwing out half a cake of soap so um to me that feels better um we also provide uh uh cough uh tea um sugar sachet uh we provide to him coffee as well um some people most I'd say the majority of people have espresso machines and would probably throw in a few pods coffee pods and um you know if people want to have 18,000 coffees they can go and get them themselves from the IG or wherever um but you know enough to get them started uh probably uh I I always leave milk um I'm usually at the house you know literally the day before um people arrive so you want it to be um milk that's not off as well um so uh some eggs uh is excellent um and personally a lot of people don't do this but I I provide um cereals um I guess it depends on the sort of price level that you're charging and what you think is reasonable I'm just going to push pause because I'm going to take this and then I'll come

back I'm back uh look genev I'm sorry um I don't remember exactly where we're up to um I think we we covered quite a lot if you've got any more questions um it was probably something really important um that I was about to say and then the phone rang and I'm sorry about that it was work but um look if you've got any more questions I hope just going back through my memory thinking

scheduled look if you got any more questions don't hesitate to ask I hope this uh has been uh useful for you and uh if you need yeah if you need any more just um send us a uh instant message through airb b okay take care thank you byebye oh and by the way enjoy enjoy uh apart from the financial returns uh you do get to meet some very very interesting people um and um give people space but yeah it's uh um I'm sure you'll find it enriching in that way okay in the enriching in the meeting people way thanks very much bye

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