"Optimizing Your Airbnb Listing: Expert Tips for Mary by Mark Smith"
In this video, Mark Smith from Airbnb provides feedback on a listing. She mentions that the first four photos are crucial and recommends getting professional photos. She suggests reading the complete guide to hosting, which covers improving the listing, crafting a story, upgrading listing photos, and becoming a social media superstar. Mary also advises considering the target market and using chat GPT to help with writing drafts. She mentions the importance of having a carbon monoxide detector and a fast WiFi connection. Mary suggests not offering one-night stays due to high cleaning costs and discusses pricing and discounts for longer stays. She recommends including amenities like a smart TV, Netflix, hairdryer, towels, linen, and toilet paper. Mary suggests restyling the photos to create a minimalist and consistent look. She points out the need for accurate descriptions and cleanliness. Mary also mentions the importance of having a detailed host profile to build trust with potential guests.

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hi Mary Mark Smith here um welcome to Airbnb um I got your message yesterday I sorry um driving um and anyway I got your message that you you would like me to have a look at your listing so let's do that now um usually first four photos are the most important um and um I'll send you a link now to this thing called um um complete guide to hosting I've got a uh I'll send you the free carbon monoxide detector that's um a good one but um there's something I call the complete guide to hosting and uh you probably really should go and have a look in in the complete guide to hosting because um if has how to improve your listing uh how to craft your story um and we'll have a look at that how to uh upgrade your listing photos how to become a social media Superstar um so um you've got to have a look at this uh in terms of if you were um if you were going to stay at this property you know how would you um feel about that so um

um uh well like this one in particular it's it's uh not professionally taken um I would recommend uh the first thing you do is um get professional photos um but have a think about uh read these stories about your story and um um yeah so I have a look I know Stan more well Boutique designer apartment it's

um uh let's have a

look like who's the designer um you can actually um uh use chat GPT if you're not naturally a writer um then um you can ask uh I I actually uh have been uh I have used chat gbt to write drafts for me and I'll say you know uh write this to suit a foodie uh or a um wine lover and um so I think it's important to have a think about um who your target market is um um and chat GPT uh will like it's it's a good um now I've just sent you a carbon monoxide a free one um when you have a carbon monoxide detector you actually rank higher so that's a good thing uh WiFi it doesn't tell me your speed um and um so that lends me to think like it's a slow speed but maybe you've got super fast uh ones um let's have a look at your pricing um let's see if it'll let me do a one night stay

well like I would personally uh I don't take one night stays because uh your cleaning costs uh can be so high so um and you're only recovering almost $300 um so um now you're probably getting less because you're paying um5 % fee to Airbnb for your hosting so I I'm paying as the guest 300 uh but you're probably getting um $45 less something like that 15% so that would be about right hang on um you're 45 yeah I think that's right um so that's interesting um let's have a look at check

availability uh well it it wasn't available let's let's have a look for a three night stay okay so you don't give any discount for a long stay so um if you are going to give um a one night stay then I tend to uh have a search charge for one nights and a discount for three four five seven nights uh or thereabout so let's have a look and see whether you have got um uh um any discounts weekly discount very good okay so that's good so you give one night free um so that's good so that's better so um I think if you're going to so okay so if you are targeting these longest days then maybe um T ask chat GPT to write your um write your uh story and again going back to hear how to craft your story like who are you and things like that um how to craft your story to appeal to a longer stay um guest

um let's have a look at all your amenities so is it a smart TV um people staying for that long probably would like to know um is there Netflix included whatever hair dryer um personally I don't use one but um uh I'd think about including that Essentials like things like towels linen um toilet paper um what's included shampoo uh no heating so no air conditioning I thought I saw a air conditioner on the wall uh yeah that one see um

yeah look I I really would go back through and redo these um you want to style these without shopping bags um without your um you've really got to Stage this you've obviously been cleaning the uh the um stove top uh I would go for a minimalist Style um photos here so and this is your second photo um um I didn't see any photos of the building either um like this is not styled I'm sorry Mary um so to to be

photographed all these chords Hing board uh it doesn't fit with the designer Boutique um headline this is about consistency so one of the things that uh people review you for is um does the um advertisement fit well have you accurately described um how accurate is the description uh the bath mat's okay to have on the floor but it's crumpled um it should be again if you uh are any Essentials included you've said no so what about the linen and I asked about cleaning


um I mean I think you can guess what I'm going to say everything should just be nicely ordered because it's a boutique designer apartment uh however the um this is um the mop uh isn't organized so um we're at photo number 13 um a plastic chair and uh these these would have to be a lot better um I think um you wouldn't get if you were staying in a hotel at 230 260 or $300 a night um this is not what you'd see um and that's who you're competing against so dirty dishes um well clean but there's no light um so yeah the photos really do need to be a lot better um [Music] um okay um I'm just this is uh how it is hosted by Mary so there's absolutely nothing about you Mary uh that we can we can know so we we know that you have an identity and we know that you have a phone number we don't know anything so uh I'll give you a look at um my

profile let's have a look at my profile go to profile here we go Mark is born in the 60s who cares but it's you know I'm a person we're dealing now with a person uh I have five pet sheep I actually have more than that now uh what's my favorite music do I speak any other languages what about you Mary do you speak Spanish um what's for breakfast you know I'm a law graduate um I I have 193 reviews you don't have that but I have um so who would you stay with Mary let's say if we had two apartments in the same building one was with Mark nice photos um and everything looks ordered uh and you know a little bit about me or you got Mary who um you got to give yourself every possible chance um my so they so this is uh if you're G to stay in my house um it's important then that Airbnb tells the guest oh we know Mark here's a photo of Mark but there's a photo of Mark he's had 193 guests these these are the things that you're up against um you my identity's proved they know my email address my work phone number learn about uh identification you can read 193 uh reviews um and you know there's lots about me I'm a community leader more about Mark I love animals uh cooking food movies blah blah blah past trips uh Marx listings uh Mark guide book now there should be a guide book uh in there for someone that's coming to um Stan more is it stano I think so or Peters somewhere there uh I think it was stall uh like um the pig and pastry restaurant you know I know I was just looking at I I have a frequent uh customer card for the pig and pastry restaurant which I'm not sure if that's stanmore or petam or leam um but it's somewhere around there um these are the sorts of things that we put in in our uh guide books so I think that there's lots to improve a carbon monoxide detector will help you to um um will help you now um I would put here a 300 p.m. check-in and a 10 a.m. check out it like these are the things that go through my head if you've only got from 11 to 12 to clean then how how clean is it going to be um cancellation policies probably okay but um review the hosts cancellation full

cancellation uh I have what's called it personally um let's have a look

let's just go to this

one um cancellation

policy uh we I give you a full one a full refund super host uh okay this particular one well that's interesting it says no carbon monoxide no smoke alarm I'd say that's an error um anyway we have a flexible uh we have a flexible policy so um these are some things I think you can improve the price doesn't seem too bad but um I I think the the photos need to be a lot better um so that uh and I'd even consider uh some promotions on the first listing because you don't have any reviews so I think there's a lot uh for you to consider um and just little 1% Here There and Everywhere and I think you'll do much much better hope that's of some assistance to you Mary if you need any further um help don't be afraid to give me a call uh or send me a message through the app thanks aill bye

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