In this video, for Anton Mark Smith discusses an inquiry about renting out an Airbnb property located in Manar in the Royal National Park on Port Hacking River. The person is interested in learning the most efficient and practical way to construct rental terms such as minimum stay, pricing, and bond. They also mention the difficulty in finding reliable cleaners in the area and ask for recommendations. Anton mentions that it is tricky to find cleaners but suggests looking for local options. They also discuss the possibility of Airbnb having a directory of cleaners, which is not currently available but may be introduced in the future. The person mentions that the house is well-appointed and they are keen to mitigate damages and loss. Anton mentions that Airbnb provides indemnity through their "air cover" program for damages caused by guests. The video gets interrupted by another call, but Anton continues by providing tips on improving the property listing. They suggest including more photos of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the exterior of the house, and possibly using drone photos. They also mention the importance of considering amenities like boat mooring and catering to families with features like travel cots and high chairs. Anton suggests considering different pricing options based on the number of guests and mentions the additional work and costs associated with accommodating larger groups.

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hey Anton Mark Smith here how are you um okay I'll just go through your uh your inquiry and uh thank you very much for uh reaching out and asking me uh your airb be is located at Manar in the Royal National Park on Port hacking River I know where the Royal National Park is so I'm guessing it's down towards uh w down that down that direction I'm Keen to rent it out as a holiday house uh to earn extra income uh yep that's that's a quite a valid um thing I'm interested in learning the most efficient and practical way to construct a rental terms such as minimum stay pricing and bond um it's very difficult to find Reliable cleaners in our area well that's that's a very common issue so if you have any recommendations no I don't that's the short answer uh in fact uh it's so tricky uh I as a host I actually bought a cleaning company um and it is uh tricky to find um but they do exist they do exist they cost uh a lot more than you think uh I don't mind where they come are coming from well probably local would be the the place to start does Airbnb have a directory no no but it there is one coming I believe in uh they're triing it in France and I believe it's coming to Australia in about May or June so uh at the moment no I don't think so I don't think so the house is well appointed yeah look I lacking for nothing uh so we're keen to mitigate Dam damages and loss so we're keen to learn um all right well look I'll just tell you this that Airbnb do have and I I'll actually run through your listing but Airbnb do have something called air cover so they provide an Indemnity that if uh your property is damaged by a guest who uses Airbnb now this is I'm just going to push push pause I'm sorry because I've got another call coming in hang on right I'm sorry I'm back um now let's I can't remember exactly where we got up to but uh I think I was telling you about um I think I was telling you about air cover um directory of cleanness let's just have a look at your listing now I have got some couple of tips oh here we go hang

on all right I'm back sorry phone is very busy let's just have a look at your property and I'll just minimize me and I'll just move this to one side um your first four photos first four are critically important and uh normally uh you get a woman's opinion on this normally they love seeing um beds uh I think the first photo is pretty good the kitchen's good so I think this is good yeah but you need bedroom photos and uh bathroom and romance type ones and um there's no photos of the house from the outside so you got any drone well sorry this is clearly of the house and it's clearly from the outside but um I would be thinking about drone photos uh or something like that um so I did see there's a uh I don't know who did these photos for you but I think this one or even this one um you should put into the first couple because um yeah uh well not just women but uh a woman who um assuming uh you're having this property to be used um as a holiday house let's say a family uh a family usually involves a woman and the woman gets a lot of say so this I I would think is a really appealing type photo now I as I said I don't know who did these for you um they're not bad um they're not bad but um

um yeah like these are yeah this is kind of I'm guessing this is at the front door and um I'm guessing this is kind of Fairly Arty looking looking through the uh stairway yeah I I like this I can see what the see what that's all about

um probably could include a floor plan as well I mean these are good um exactly where you are in the in uh the uh well actually let's go and have a look and see exactly where you are so so um kick back and relax in this calm stylish Waterfront space does it have a boat moing probably doesn't but um well can you bring a boat um is there um so that that's a question I would be thinking about uh you've got you seem to have uh boats there but there's no um no immediate mention of that you can also give your uh wording to chat GPT and ask it to um reward it for a uh sophisticated traveler and that can give you some ideas on how to I mean this is nicely worded um c a th000 k from care you will enjoy the best well um hiking biking


okay nine guests three bedroom three bedrooms seven beds two baths beach access so why five speed is is actually really really really important um I'm guessing the price is going to be quite up there so uh only a two minimum yeah I I'd be looking at longer stays if I was you um but um let's just see let's just see so 800 a night oh that's not too bad but um let's just see see what I would be tempted to do is um charge it out at like [Music] um say charge it out a th000 a night but then give a discount for someone that stays for three nights so that it's less likely to so basically you get roughly the same money for a three night day as what you'd get for a two night day um okay so that's interesting uh and so on top of your 800 there's a 14% fee and the Airbnb charge you 3% so I don't think the 800's too bad but uh I would be giving a three oh I think let's just have a look so you have pets ah so okay so these sort of people uh in my experience

Anton uh often times these families have uh dogs

okay do you have uh so if there if you're catering for families you want uh somewhere with probably uh a travel cot and or or a cot of some kind uh a high chair uh you've got baths to Bath little children

um yeah see what I'm seeing here is it's the same price whether it's one person or uh six nine 12 people in fact um there is uh it's it's actually the same price so if I was you I'd be thinking about probably a lower um a lower rate for you know say for people and um and then having some extra night charges as well um um sorry extra person charges so because there's more work catering for nine than there is for one for a start there's linen um and uh the cleaning is probably going to be about the same um whether it's one or uh nine people um so these are just some thoughts that go through my head um it's funny you've got a security camera on the property uh that would turn off a lot of people uh think that they're going to be surveilled so uh um so again these kind of people in my experience uh are going to want to know the Wi-Fi so on your app if you go to um WiFi uh if you go to um your listing and then uh amenities and then WiFi uh it will allow you to do a speed test get it as close as you can to the router and then do the speed test and it it will um it will show you it will show the speed that you're you're getting um uh I'll show you my

property um I've got I'll give you an example I have um starlink where I am and we get uh 248 megabits per second so it actually makes a huge difference I'll show you um uh there you go fast Wi-Fi great for remote work so this is what happens when you put in that speed test 245 megabits per second plus it has a dedicated uh workspace so an office um uh you need what's called a um so you got a washing machine outdoor shower TV exercise equipment M indoor fireplace uh carbon monoxide alarm excellent you need that you but the question would be uh how fast is the internet because there's internet and there's internet um oh yeah so you need yeah you do need a hair dryer you probably need linen shampoo uh private entrance heating okay so um beach front access so that's good Port hacking ah barer okay okay I know what you mean bandina oh okay oh I know where bandina is oh okay right I wasn't aware okay I've got friends that read barer um in fact he's probably on this Turtle Street I think maybe it was Turtle Street or something anyway I can't can't 100% remember

um yeah it was somewhere like that anyway

um don't know um okay maximum nine K check out before no you want to make that check out by by 10 uh you need people out because there's going to be a lot of cleaning like a lot a lot of cleaning um and if you got backtack um bookings uh it's going to be very hard no pets so you got no carpet so I I would seriously think about that um people will pay the higher price uh if they can bring Pho for the trip so these are some tips I I hope they're of some help um um I'll have a look and uh I'll have a look at your photos and see if there's something I can do for you as well thanks very much Anton you got any other questions don't hesitate to give me a call um 042 well just message me here anyway and we'll we'll talk I come M cheers

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