Katherine Mark Smith is a super host offering a property in Singleton. She provides tips to improve the listing, such as brighter photos, adjusting pricing for larger groups, and rewording the heading to attract more guests. She suggests adding drone photos and enhancing the lighting in the rooms. Katherine also mentions the importance of mentioning the dam on the property for safety reasons and suggests getting professional photos and a carbon monoxide detector. She recommends self-check-in and mentions the possibility of using Chat GPT to expand the description.

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 Katherine Mark Smith here uh I'm a super host I'm actually up uh I know Singleton very well I had my grandparents were born there I lived in Newcastle I went there all the time um I had my grandfather had um 133 11 12 13 something uh lots of siblings and uh anyway um Blast from the Past um okay so I just thought well this is a good way to to give you some tips you asked for some tips um we'll just have a quick look through this um and I think there are a couple of little obvious things that we can do uh right off the bat that will uh help you um really get motoring um nice uh bunch of photos here but very dark these are these are just too dark oh by the way this um video you can speed it up if I'm talking too slow um um you can accommodate nine guests so that's actually great but you need to look at the pricing um because nine people use a lot more linen than say four so um uh so that that becomes quite critical when you change over and how you operate um how you operate you don't want to leave your linen there and have the nine people use you know twice as much linen as um uh as you'd allowed for and then you know it's wintry day uh it's 10: a.m and they check out and then at 3 pm you've got another family of nine checking in and um uh they're all expecting linen and you know it's it's really um there's a few um I I used to be hosting eight and anyway I just wound it back a little bit um so I know this space very very well so um you're going to need to be you know actually quite organized um these photos do look good um I'm just wondering if you could yeah maybe you've got some drone photos we'll have so that's really the um the first place to start i' well sorry second place I'd start with the heading I think you could probably do a little better than this heading home in WD ponds personally I don't think um people know where WD ponds is I certainly uh hadn't heard of it I know where Singleton is but maybe um something I'd reword that around Farm stay or um Country Escape or something like that um so let's have a look at show all photos um um I'll just go through them yeah um I'm going to have a look at this and see whether we can give you any uh professional photos this looks like a Magic Kitchen uh a really really Magic Kitchen very dark though um this gives the impression of being dark so you can adjust the blinds um I mean they look they look stunning uh and you've obviously gone to some trouble to style but um the lamps aren't on the light isn't on uh the lighting's not right um so yes look if I can give you oh you got a pool um if I can give you um some professional photos I will again you could probably I don't mean to be critical um um I want to help you styling looks lovely um again uh light um it was probably uh a um not a great day yeah ah see notice even though the light's not bright it's Moody and um that gives that that that is something else I don't know if these are wall lights I can't quite tell but I suspect they might be that looks like a really nice room so um here maybe uh burn some candles uh put a bottle of wine uh on the table some cheese and bickies little things that you can do and wow the um the imagination of uh the guest is going to go mental you could probably put that light on you could put this light on you could run the fan um Singleton my memory is days in summer and uh freezing cold ones in Winter um now the pool is is very interesting by the way again you could do something more with the light um uh that is beautiful um but you got to tell the story now I'm sorry I've got um mowers out outside um which brings me to maintenance of of yard so um yeah you need to um look after that the breeze um okay that's


um the um the uh the dam here um you might need to mention that in uh your um uh description uh there's a natural water body there um and so that can be a safety uh risk for um young children um so you obviously can't fence that off but you need to let guests know that um that there is a dam and they'll need to supervise their children um little ones animals as well uh if you're a pet friendly now I love this um I love this um I reckon you ought to get some drone photos um um maybe you've got a friend who owns a drone they're very common uh actually these days I think a drone photo would uh really um assist um now see what I mean this this light is is uh beautiful and Moody um okay well that's that's your photos look I'll have a look and see whether we can uh give you a referral I've got a small budget um for uh photography and um I think it would help you I think you've got a beautiful property um Katherine so what are some other tips um self check in so that's good uh I'm guessing you've got a um keyless entry uh or a lot box something like that um I used to um remotely um remotely look after uh property here in Orange and I was a student in Sydney and did it for years and you must you've got to um you've got to get that um sorted if you live anywhere remote um uh when I say remote not on the property so this looks looks fantastic um look uh have a look at chat GPT you can get them them to write it you've got 499 characters um ask tell chat GPT to you know you can cut and paste this and then go into chat GPT and just ask it to expand this to 499 words and uh you can you can rewrite it um um the space uh in a quiet location

um I I think I would put something about Farm stay um I don't think you're um oh there is a dam on the property but not suitable for and is not fenced um and also parents please supervise so other things to note so that's good um I'm sorry about the whipper snippers going um okay so yeah I think you do need to fix that I'll send you a link to uh carbon monoxide detector um really really important and if you get one and there's a free one I can get you one free one if you get one uh then um which brings me to a fireplace as well I don't know if you've got one but uh you should run the fire uh for the purposes of taking photos um uh carbon monoxide is really important uh to have and so make sure you uh you order that it's completely free does take about four to six weeks but update um your Airbnb listing when you've got it and you rank actually much higher so um it's very important uh if you've got one uh Wi-Fi you can actually do a speed test um you do that on the Airbnb app on on a mobile phone um and it's you go into your listing under amenities and then you find the Wi-Fi and then you do a speed test and you link it to uh the wifi that you've got on the on the property now if you've got something called starlink or actually a fast one if you want to have a look at my um uh listing it's

airbnb.com snowgums you can pause this at any time this video and go and have a look at that now we've got starlink here we've got what's called a dedicated workspace again that's another thing that helps you rank higher if you've got a dedicated workspace oh you do excellent well then you want to put in you want to put in the speed of the internet because uh if you got people people will go there and go go as a getaway and stay for a week or longer stays the longer the the faster your internet and the dedicated workspace the more likely it is that you'll get people to stay longer term but you've got to put in what the do a speed test you know are we talking 12 megabits per second or or are we talking 245 which which we get with Starling so um security cameras on the property um now that is um i' be Keen to know what they are uh I mean are these ones that look for Foxes or um are these ones that monitor the pool or you know that sort of thing um I'd I'd really think carefully if you don't if you don't need those uh then turn them off because that um um and and take that description out if you don't need them um you've got TV do you have uh Netflix and and those sorts of things uh have you got a Smart TV device an Apple TV um a uh like uh what do they call it um Amazon have this uh fire stick um something like that it's uh if you've got one of those if you got foxel or whatever uh family that's excellent uh pack andplay Travel cot available upon request


yeah you you will find a people use this and do you have a bath um I didn't see I don't think I saw a picture of the bathroom uh if you haven't got a bath that would be um I can't remember if I saw the picture of the bathroom I'm sorry um but if you have got a bath I would take a photo of the bath and put that in um and as it mentioned pool I know you've got yeah pool view pool view but hopefully you've got an actual pool um airb andb actually have a category for pools uh air uh air conditioning heater split type ductless um security camera yeah that that actually bothers me a little bit um that could be a problem um

coffee maker do you supply the pods uh if if you don't make sure that you um make sure that you send um a email letting uh people know what type of PODS to bring um baking sheets that's very good do you have aluminium foil um I'd suggest uh you put that in backyard not fenced Five pit

yeah um people would use that barbecue um have you got to bring your own gas or um do you keep that full so you need to probably um keypad there we go you've answered that yeah you need to have this carbon monoxide um because then that gives you another boost okay so there's lots of little things um H that's that's really interesting you've got a booking um you've taken a booking from from the eth or you you've blocked out those dates so what that see how one night now you really one night could cost you four night booking um so you really need to look at your one night uh stays that's that is so um unless you're charging like $1,000 a night um then uh I would fix that immediately the um so that you you get at least two nights I'd be looking at three nights um as a minimum um and during school holidays yeah at least three nights maybe four nights you probably get people who come for a week I would get rid of that one night stay straight away because that one night buggers up your whole weekend um and yeah you're probably too late now to get um uh Easter Easter long weekend stays but maybe not through you might get some um through the week ones so you haven't got reviews yet but ah okay I know where you are Singleton Heights yep okay all right so well that's good lovely five minutes strive yep

um okay so look there is a few things that you can do you've got the um uh the the details let's have a look at your personal profile uh and there's nothing about you so um I would put in um Katherine you know you're a you're a mom you're a um you're a lawyer you're a you know whatever you you've got seven kids you've got uh you're farmer um you live nearby um whatever um I would also have a look at um some some more um things to do uh there must be lots and lots of things to do um you know go to the barington tops um go over to gresford um uh pop down to the wineries down in um um cesn and around there uh I'd have a look at all of those check out before I think I think 10 would be um better you're going to need all of that time um to um check out at 10 check in after 3 yeah you need that no no pets um I can understand with those lovely white sheets um you will get requests for pets maybe or um Pet People traveling with pets will pay more um and I also have white linen and we uh insist that guests bring throw rugs and we charge uh several hundred dolls for them to bring their pets because uh I've got three um three pets and um I know for me to go to Sydney for the day um you it cost us very close to 200 bucks uh really for one night and two days um it is phenomenally expensive and I think you're you're missing um I think you're missing a bit of a market there so um I don't have a problem with any of these other ones um I would take a photo of the um the door lock uh and I do a video little video uh on my website so on how that all works um okay so look our cancellation let's have a look at your cancellation policy um close

yeah ah okay so I did say about $1,000 for one night um um I I really wasn't kidding $770 okay yeah look um I wouldn't take one night bookings um maybe uh but you're not charging for cleaning either so the cleaning cost is going to be quite high and so really if you're getting uh one night after one night after one night it's going to be enormous amounts of work and uh the people that want longest dayss are going to go somewhere else so um especially if you want you know the Saturday nights always continually taken you're going to block off and um cost yourself uh a a lot of money um because you're not getting Thursdays is actually my busiest day for check-ins and here in Orange um uh and people typically say Thursday Friday Saturday nights and check out Sunday and we get um we get you know very long stays so um yeah I I I hope these uh help you yeah you offering discount for um your first bookings I just can't see what your cancellation policy is add your trip dates to get so you probably want to get a um have the flexible policy you'll get more bookings that way um check availability reserve and let's see if it goes to something went wrong okay so you're booking your your um listing's not quite ready uh yeah so it's still being worked on look I I hope these things have been um useful to Katherine uh if You' got any more questions we can arrange the zoom um and you can easily just message me if you got any other questions happy to help I hope there's been of assistance I'll have a look at the um professional photography for you see if we've got one may not be one in Singleton um a professional photographer that we can refer to if there is I will if there's what um I don't know but uh I wish you luck um and rewatch this as many times as you like um have a great day bye

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