In the video, Mark discusses various aspects of Lucy's property and offers suggestions for improvement. He mentions that the property is in a remote location and highlights the importance of managing it effectively, including hiring cleaners and maintaining the gardens. Mark suggests that Lucy should focus on optimizing her property listing by improving the quality of the photos, particularly the first four, and creating a floor plan. He also advises her to add a personal touch to her profile by sharing her story and background. Mark emphasizes the significance of having high-speed internet and a dedicated workspace for remote workers. He mentions his own property as an example and highlights the benefits of being a super host with positive reviews. Overall, Mark provides valuable insights and recommendations to help Lucy enhance her property listing and attract more guests.

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 get free online support coaching watch videos and much much more at www.b andb hosts that's www. BNB hosts hi Lucy sorry um technical issues hi Lucy Mark here um thank you very much here just yes I know where Mong is and I'm in Glen Brook myself right at the moment I'm in Orange so um orange and the Southern Highlands are you know somewhat um similar although something is much closer so good for you um I had actually heard of um your exact subb Al meron uh honestly I had not heard of it but um okay it's obviously very small um so um um so it's possible like I'd be thinking about that in your heading uh and in your description um and anyway I like this uh if you if I'm too slow just you can actually speed this up so I speed up things almost all the time myself um I guess the first thing I'd think about is how you just going to manage this property uh in terms of cleaners uh Gardens and all of that um with you being uh remote so uh you're not incredibly remote but um it's going to be work um you should you should be able to make money out of this and actually you should be able to um you should be able to um uh you I actually think you should be busy u in April um winter is an incredible busy time for us uh here in Orange uh it's by far our busiest time so I think you're actually coming into the prime time um I can't see your rates at the moment this won't uh let me um uh look at your rates so I just don't know actually I'll just do a quick refresh just to make sure that I can't see your rates no won't it's saying it's not quite ready yet so it can take up to 36 hours or thereabouts um the rest of it I can see um so I'll just go through this and you can go back and watch this as many times as you like some of these photos are a little dark um and uh I've got a little budget that I can use for professional phot you got 47 photos so that's good um that's beautiful I like um if you were having those taken professionally they' put um uh they would put um they'd be running the fire um and uh so they're little things um I think the first four photos are absolutely critical um and I'd be putting in the ones that set the mood so um if you want to have a look at our property snowgums and um try and I'll send you some links on how to pick the first four uh for now you just got to use the on that you've got but um uh I think you should be running I think you should be running um yeah I think you should be looking at the order that's that looks really really nice there's no lights on in any of these photos and they clearly haven't been taken professionally um but um there's some of the tips now um I will send you a link to um you can still do better with your own photos even with lamps on and things like that um um you've got the lamps there so yes it would really help you you've gone to effort um to uh style a bedroom um but uh I would um even before you get the professional photos I think I'd redo them this weekend um um redo them this weekend you can have the blind open um lights on fans going um and um the outside ones are good um yeah so that's that's the obvious place to start um I like this uh this naturey uh one um and um I would think people that are going to uh the Southern Highlands are going for the winter getaway so um again get that fire going and um even if it's just to take the photos uh it will it will help um I'd also think about a floor plan if you've got a floor plan or you've got someone that could draw one or there's something called freelancer and you could get a um someone in another country to do it probably cost you 20 bucks um and uh so yeah I'd look at I'd look at those um what else have we got let's have a look at your profile um

Lucy uh there's nothing really about you so um who are you uh I think that that's a big part of uh you know uh connection um so the world's just coming out of of CO as you know and we've had a really shocking time uh people want to go away travel and connect so I would be telling the story about how you bought this property how it was run down um how you just renovated it how you got three kids and two dogs and whatever else and how you're um you know you're a lawyer or you're a student you're whatever people want to connect um and one of the very few we live in a very isolated world and I'm telling you people travel uh to connect to connect with people and that's one of the very few places that you um you know we all work from home uh whatever so um speaking of working from home have you got internet um I can't see that that's not uh very prominent and if you do um on your um on your app on the Airbnb app on your phone you can go to it and I encourage you to do this immediately especially if you've got highs speed internet um in fact let's go to um have a look at my site snow

gums um bang There It Is uh 250 megabits per second so we put it in um but it's also here grateful remote work people will often go to the Southern Highlands and they'll go and do some creative work uh and it's only an hour from Sydney oh only an hour so um that's that's a huge plus um there's that uh see what I was saying about the first four photos or the first five photos like they're absolutely critical you got make it super inviting um and see how everything's well l so I I think I think you do need some Pro photos um includes complimentary firewood now I don't have that I've got two different photos one during winter and one during summer um and um so there it is you once you you check out 250 245 megabits per second that's fast isn't it and we' got a dedicated workspace so if you do work from home um then um then uh make sure you tell the story Mark is a super host so that actually makes a huge difference I've been a super host since um since uh 2017 I've got 160 reviews so it actually makes a massive difference if people think well they're staying with Mark oh 160 people have gone before us so you've got to tell the story please please please Lucy you got to tell the story a little bit about you I'm a fresh law law school graduate from the University of Sydney um available during by telephone if required so yeah I live in um Glenbrook when I'm not here I speak English a response rate 100% within one hour so you've got any dramas you know that there's a very good chance like 160 people have gone before you it it gives people confidence um now cancellation policy um maximum six guests um yeah so let's just have a look at all of our photos now we've we've got um we've got a lot of photos I will tell you that um so the first uh four you know winry themes we're going you know we're you a nice green Lush part of the world we've got a cozy kitchen we've got nice comfy lounges you can sit next to the fire um beautiful warm bedrooms nicely styled well lit not dark and gloomy oh yes but it snows um you can see the theme now I put into Wonderland uh this this is out the back window these are some Kangaroos and um this is literally out the back window uh so we we you know we're creating the um we setting the scene and that's what you got to do um so please have a look at the um uh nice photo link that I send you um the photo link of what to do with your own photos for now whoops um with your own photos for now um the AL um I guess that's for um Al

MTA um about this space let's just have a look at what what we what we

do um yeah similar sorts of things see I've got the benefit of um have a look at my reviews and U then take some of the words that uh that are in there and um people that go to the Southern Highlands would be sort of Fairly similar and you can U you can see the reviews um and you can see oh well you know we loved hanging out and sitting on the veranda and um drinking wine and having sitting by the fire and reading a book and blah blah blah blah and then use that in your about the space and um those similar sorts of things will be um uh for now until you get some reviews and then your reviewers will tell you um what what they loved about it and then you can rewrite your your about this space um so okay well that's that's good for now um I haven't read it um but that's good as I said um as I said uh photos a bit better lit would um um I think make a big difference um yeah you don't want uh the darling uh in the in the photo um and we'll let's get this you know we get the lamps on the windows up the darling not in the photo and um so yeah I like it um what else uh coffee um some of the uh Essentials of I would have um let's see washing machine hangers extra pillows iron yes got a piano wow one of the few um okay child fireplace screens so let's see how carbon monoxide so that's great WiFi but we don't know how fast um what I was thinking about the um the five Place screens what that brings to mind is children uh safety for children so um we want to that's that is a huge huge things we often uh very big target audience for Airbnb is moms with little children um so have you got a bath if you've got a bath great if you haven't then I think about getting a baby bath um and uh high chair and um you can just go down to Vin's and uh and get some of these um and I'm telling you we went to Vin's and we spent um maybe $20 and we got child Cutlery child plates um a high chair uh a fold up change table a travel cot um so even if you don't need a view that's not about you it's about um I think this will get you more more listings sorry more bookings so I I strongly strongly recommend um no air conditioning okay so you probably um You probably doesn't get hot enough but um probably would get a little warm on some days during win on summer but um winter so um we we need to make sure that people realize uh it's going to be cozy because we've got the uh beautiful wood heater um

okay well I know where it is then that's right where you turn off okay all right got that uh short drive from midong um so there's a few little things that you can do check in um no I wouldn't I wouldn't be encouraging people to check in by midnight um 3 p.m. is probably um about a check-in time uh through until I don't know uh 10:00 at night or something like that um maximum seven guests seven people use more linen than four people people so um I'd think about a I can't see your uh your charges but i' I'd charge maybe a flat rate for four and then if You' got extra guest over above that then um so maybe even charge a lower rate for four and then an extra person charge for five six and seven um because um there's more towels and I'm telling you through winter um it is very hard to get them all dry especially if you've only got between 10: in the morning and 2: in the afternoon and you need to have them dried and the beds made and all of that so um potential for noise I don't know what that means um backs onto the train line however trains are irregular um okay are they cargo Goods trains or um um probably yeah okay that's fair enough um carbon monoxides is a good feature commercial photography allowed check in with Smart Lock no parties no smoking that's all good yeah no pets okay um let's see what your floor coverings are like you um so some of the keys um some of the keys so you've got no have you got carpet i' I'd seriously you've got some rugs okay I'd seriously think about um okay in the bedrooms so what we do with pets um you can charge for pets and you can charge like really good money for pets so a couple hundred a weekend uh rather than um the uh it's up to you I mean there may be reasons why um for instance oh there's the piano uh what's keyboard okay um um I've got tree dogs and uh we spend more on the dogs than we do on some of our children not really but that's how a lot of people are just this bathroom is fantastic I would be making a much bigger feature in your first four photos you've got to get um uh a um I mean this is beautiful this is very very nice so I think you're not presenting it as well as you possibly could um uh I'd seriously think about um an extra like a dog charge but we tell people that coming with animals they got to bring their own throws um so that you protect your beautiful white linen so that's probably what you're thinking about when you say no pets um you got this beautiful linen um uh so anyway that's something for you to consider um you will make more money and get more bookings um uh welcoming pets and maybe also not um not uh do any damage to your your nice white linen so I can understand why you wouldn't but um um you should give it some thought um the ODS you'll need to maintain those during um during uh winter um I think you'll be busy I'll send you a link and um please uh take up my offer of the uh photography and um fingers crossed I wouldn't be surprised you can't really get any bookings at the moment because it's your your listing still populating but um as soon as you do um start to get um well as soon as it's populated I suspect you'll get bookings for uh Easter um I can't see the calendar or can I no I can't can't see your calendar um and but make sure you blocked out the dates that you want to stay there yourself and then um uh set a minimum I would say at least three nights um you don't want those two nights days it's too much work they don't pay enough um I'd be looking at three nights and uh I don't know what your nightly rate is but I think it should be uh 300 a night plus um U so you're talking about $1,000 plus get free online support coaching watch videos and much much more at www.b andb hosts that's www. BNB hosts

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