The speaker is discussing how to price an Airbnb property for different numbers of guests. He mentions that it can be tricky as guests sometimes forget to inform the host about the exact number of people coming. He suggests setting up house rules that require each guest to register, similar to a hotel. He also mentions the importance of having each guest's information for insurance purposes. He discusses the possibility of having a flat rate or a rate for one person with an extra person rate. He advises the host to ensure that guests have their government ID verified. He also mentions Airbnb's Smart Pricing feature, which uses an algorithm to set prices based on demand.

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 hi Julie Mark Smith how are you um Thursday the 31st of August uh how do you price for the um how do you price for a certain number of people that's that's actually uh a little tricky because uh look sometimes guests do forget to tell you that oh actually there's four of us coming um uh so if you're there to meet a every single one of them um as they are there or I'm not sure your exact Arrangement uh or you have some contact with the people during the stay then it's probably not a problem but you can set it up so you've got house rules so that it says well like each person needs to register um and Airbnb can um get uh the guests to inform you that okay this is a list of each person that you need and uh it's really no different to if you were staying in a hotel uh if you were staying at a hotel generally they'd want to know um generally I think they'd want to know the name of the person you'd often have to prove your identity uh at a hotel at the check-in um with a um uh by the way you can speed this up at in the bottom right corner here you can speed that up um you'd have to prove your identity with a driver's license or if it was overseas probably with a passport um and um fill out some forms and it's not unusual that um your insurance policy may say well in and I presume you've got what's called a landlord policy so probably would need one of those um you'd probably need to specify um see what the insurance policy says but it often asks for the names you like each guest has to be insured because they don't know sorry it needs to be uh um notified um so that uh like the risk for one person is is obviously smaller than the risk for four people and children might have a different risk to elderly people falling over of um falling off a balcony um and then the consequence of an and like it's it's actually kind of important that you do get each person to register so um but if you have a different price for one person or four people um that can be uh an issue so look one person would um it can be an issue because people may not want to volunteer that information uh because there could be a higher price so on one hand you've got um uh I would think that one person's going to use one lot of water and one bed uh and one lot of sheets whereas four people probably going to use four times the water and electricity and like the heating could be the same um so you've just got to think about it and be kind of fair uh and what gets rewarded often gets done so if it's if there's no difference in price between one and four people then probably people will um inform you okay well there's going to be four of us uh whereas if you're making each one for each night um you know for each person each night becomes dearer um then uh you know you've got to think about that um I've um so I would probably seriously think about having a flat rate um or having a rate for one person than an extra person rate um but you might find you you need need to put in your house rules that um each person needs to

um register and they register with Airbnb and um and make sure you tick uh that they have their government ID verified so um you can go to that link that I sent you that complete guide to hosting and type in there's a search bar right up the top and uh just type in the word verified and um often time then that will probably find the article on how to get how to specify that guests have to be verified have to have government verified ID I should say so I don't take any bookings unless we know uh that you know it's not Mr Smith for instance like people you know you want to get their exact name so that again if if there's any you know Insurance claim you can then turn around and um claim um and it's much much easier so uh I that's what I I recommend so I'd probably think about those two pricings are all inclusive or um a price per person but just make it so that it just steps up maybe a little bit so um because uh you know it's let's say it's 300 a night um that you want 300 a night um if there's four then probably make it about 275 a night if there's one um and so it's not actually that much dearer uh if um the for an extra four people to stay so it's maybe it's a little bit dearer um just to cover the linen or something like that but um anyway I hope that's of some assistance to you if you've got any questions uh any further questions just play around with it as well um airb andb do have something called Smart Pricing and uh where it has this algorithm and it knows how much demand there is and um so you can use that to set the prices uh that's um uh that's another way to do it

um uh yeah so any more questions just um send us a message see you mate bye

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