AIRBNB CRITIQUE FOR JONTE - Boost Your Property Listing: Expert Tips for Maximizing Booking Revenue
In the video, Mark Smith, an ambassador for AIRBNB, provides tips and pointers to Jonty for improving his property listing. He suggests adding a photo of the hot tub to be categorized under the hot tub category by the algorithm. He also advises improving the lighting in the photos, adding more about the host in the profile, and including a guidebook with local knowledge. He recommends adding the Wi-Fi speed, considering child-friendly amenities, and possibly allowing smoking. He suggests considering professional photography, including a floor plan, and drone photography. He also recommends changing the cancellation policy to flexible and enabling instant booking. He concludes by offering to send links to a complete guide to hosting and offering help with professional photos.

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hi how you going Mark Smith here um Springwood ah you're in Springwood I didn't realize I'm actually at Glenbrook uh nice to see you um jonty um oh carbon monoxide that's perfect so um look I'm an ambassador for ebnb I got your message asking to get some tips or some pointers um and uh here I am so uh what I'll do is I'll just go through um I will go through your listing and I'll just tell you some things that I notice and um what I would uh yeah just tips um I don't know what I'm GNA see so I'll I'll I'll go through as I as I go through um one of the things that drives the algorithm is this thing called wish lists um now you don't you do not want to um you do not want to get too many um people saving your properties and not booking so yes you want them to wish list it and then come back and book so that's um so any uh so I I save these and many times I'll actually go and stay at them um now it does know that you've got a hot tub so if I was you I would actually have a photo this is again another tip with the algorithm um it's it's uh very smart and it knows that when it sees a hot tub and it sees water it will put you in the hot tub category so at the moment you're in this category called new uh actually let's just go to Airbnb I'll just show you um so uh hot tubs see this is the category so treeh houses look I'm not sure if the oh amazing views so again amazing views you don't actually go and self- select that you want an amazing that you have an amazing view it the algorithm does it for you so um people that will look at the amazing views and say oh you know I've got to go here well Scotland is you know see what I'm saying so uh how it picks up that is through the algorithm so um uh and in fact if you've got any drone photography um I'd seriously think about it in fact look I yeah I would do some more let's just have a look at so photos are absolutely critical I think you can do better light here um uh and you should have all these lamps on maybe some candles burning nicely styled yes very nicely styled but um I just uh you want to tweak your lighting just a little bit more um yeah I mean it's very desirable uh the Open Fire yeah I love it um well is that I well is that a TV I I don't know is that a TV or is that actually a is it a log fire is it virtual or um I I think you've got to do a little bit more with these photos so um you've got an incredible place you must put a photo of the hot tub in in there so it tells you that's one of the things that it it tells you is uh one of the few in the area with this amenity now I can't actually look at your pricing yet so I can't give you any feedback about that uh because um because uh well your listing is it's still it's not available yet um I actually think we need a bit more of the kitchen um the when you when you don't don't have kitchen shots let me have a look and I'll see what I can do and see whether we can get you some professional photography as well so um by the way I think this is great um people want to know when they're staying with someone jonty um uh they want to know um a little bit about you so the fact that you're identified uh and like they know who you are terrific but I I think we could put a lot more about you you know has an MBA uh you know he a retired this you know professor of Cardiology or whatever whatever the jonty story is you got a very nice photo and a big smile uh then uh people want to know um I will show you uh my profile um give you an idea

um go to profile um Mark uh works at here speaks English uh lives in Glenbrook it they don't give you tons of space um but uh they do look I've got I've actually got uh 165 reviews so been hosting for six years so it it uh it gives you an idea I'm also a community leader um and I've got multiple different properties that uh I host yeah you want to get a guide book as well um uh now you can build this on the Airbnb app uh for free um and you know what do people do now you have special local knowledge of um Springwood that I don't have uh even though I'm a Glenbrook um so uh I would I would be adding those sorts of things and um it will help uh it'll help you with your reviews reviews are actually the key um because people don't know who you are now um let's just have a look at um see uh I've got a I've got a property here uh 456 megabits per second so and with plus a dedicated workspace so if you have got a dedicated workspace uh I'd be throwing that in but you need to um whack in here the Wi-Fi speed you can go so you can um uh record or test the Wi-Fi speed by adding uh in the amenities on your phone app whoops on the phone app go to the Airbnb app um find your listing amenities uh WiFi and um uh and then there's a speed test on that so if you follow those steps listing amenities uh WiFi speed test um I would look at that uh by the way if you have a super fast uh Wi-Fi 4505 245 I should say 245 megabits per second you're often very likely to get long stays uh and people working from home so uh I would um I would be uh really looking at all of your amenities um as as much as you possibly can let's have a look 44 amenities that's good um that one's that one's uh that hot tub yeah uh I can imagine the photos from that I'm guessing it's got a fantastic view could you get could you style that with a bottle of champagne uh and the bubbles going and the steam coming off it like it would just look fantastic air conditioning washing machine hot tub um cleaning products yes terrific uh drying rack free dryer so is that a a Clos dryer I imagine safe that's interesting um TV uh you got any Netflix uh Apple TV or whatever uh like think about that um carbon monoxide is is um is very good uh it is it ranks more highly for um if you two properties side by side one has a carbon monoxide and one doesn't the carbon monoxide one will rank higher normally um uh than the one without um I think if I was you I would seriously I don't know if you've got children but if you have um I would seriously think about I I don't know how child friendly your property is now just looking at the photos it it does look like um uh does look like you've got an amazing view but I don't know if you've got any yard if your property is at all child friendly then uh I would think about getting a high chair um travel cot uh and you can get the uh work from home um family uh and yeah I'd give it some serious thought um you got to have that photo smoking alow so that's actually interesting did you mean to um did you mean to um select that option um private entrance I'm not sure what that you not included no private entrance so um maybe you could put in a floor plan um so I will have a look at as I said at the um an option for uh professional photos for you and if we can assist uh very often times those uh those uh guys do floor plans as well I think that would be helpful and um some drone photography uh might uh might also be uh pretty good um you've actually not got uh that many um places available see I can't actually um I can't actually look up uh many of your dates so uh I'm guessing you spend a fair bit of time at this property and then go somewhere else so uh I can't look at the price so I can't give you any feedback about that um jonty um commercial photography is allowed no pets that's interesting no parties smoking is

allowed pre cancel now that's good um that's essential uh well it's not essential but um it's better if oh free cancellation for 48 hours oh okay so that means um you got 48 hours to make up your mind uh so if things change um people can often so I personally it very rarely happens but I personally have a here's my policy is flexible so not only can they look out see this is this is the thing um not only can they look up and see oh I've had 165 people rank me uh then

um then uh but um you can cancel your trip um ahead of time now I can't comment about what your cleaning fee or your nightly rate is because uh we're just not simply at that point but I think so okay the free cancellation before the 1 of May so this this dummy booking was up until the second so there's really no risk there's no risk in um in Booking with me because I've got 157 reviews for just under five star um and people tell like you can't have 157 people lie uh about how good something is I if I was you I think until how many reviews have you got um no reviews yet uh yeah so if I was you I would drop this to a What's called the flexible policy um um and I think you'll find that you get more bookings um uh see yeah not that people want to cancel but um if they want to like they come on they find your place they wish list it they come back like they've already thought about is this going to be suitable for you they can't read the

reviews uh I think you would get more bookings now the other thing we do is uh we have an instant booking thing so people can instantly book with us um and I don't know if you've got that turned on um infants we do allow pets actually so U it's unlawful to prevent a serviced animal for a guide dog that sort of thing um um it's actually unlawful to not take those so um uh anyway those those are some thoughts um I'll also send you some links to uh there's a complete guide to hosting and um so even if we can't help you with uh professional photos um it there's some tips in there on how to make the most of the photos that you do have so um I hope that steers you in the right direction jonty um thanks very much for reaching out if you've got any other questions any specific questions um then let me know talk soon thanks mate cheers

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