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Coaching Blog S1 Episode 23 - coaching session with simone - Designing the Perfect Four-Bedroom Airbnb Listing: Layout, Furnishings, and Privacy (Clone)

Coaching Blog S1 Episode 23 - coaching session with simone - Designing the Perfect Four-Bedroom Airbnb Listing: Layout, Furnishings, and Privacy (Clone)
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The transcript is a conversation between Simone and Mark Smith. Mark introduces himself as an ambassador for Airbnb and offers to provide feedback on Simone's listing. He suggests that professional photography should be considered to improve the impression of the property, as the current lighting gives the impression that the house might be dark. Mark also advises Simone to charge extra for additional guests, as it incurs additional costs for cleaning and linen. He recommends charging $25 per night for each additional guest above five. Mark suggests either lowering the nightly rate or adding a separate cleaning charge to the listing. He emphasizes the importance of offering high-speed Wi-Fi, as it is a top priority for Airbnb guests.

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hi Simone Mark Smith here I'm a Ambassador for airb you can speaked this up and you can replay it as well you can speed it up if I'm talking too slow but anyway um there's a there's a link I think about here on the screen any uh sorry over in that direction anyway it lets you speed up so uh look I've had a quick look through your um your listing and we'll go through them um I actually thought you were in St Leonard's in Sydney so um I'd think about um some professional photography um it's it's not a cheap rental like the lighting in this one in particular um it gives the it was probably really terrible weather I know we've had terrible weather but I'd seriously think it gives the impression that the house might be dark so um I'd seriously think about um uh that I'd say that one's professional um but you know uh the shadows and all of that it's it's the number one tip um so there's that um let me just bring up so I've I've gone through and made a couple notes um you can charge for extra people so I'm GNA give you lots of different tips you can charge it's the same price your price is the same price $600 a night whether it's uh two people or nine people um and I'd encourage you to um charge extra because it's going to cost you extra there's more cleaning uh there's more linen more you know all of that now I'm not sure what your arrangements are with linen but um i' be I'd be seriously thinking anything above probably five um then I'd be looking at an extra charge maybe 25 bucks a night is what I charge and what you'll find is that um if you've got say five beds and you can sleep nine people you might find that they come with five um and you still go through five beds so serious so five lots of linen um so you got to have a look at the towels as well so there's a lot of cost in in these things so I um that's certainly something I would do I don't see here where the where the cleaning charge is I would um consider lowering lowering you rate or from from $600 a night but showing a cleaning charge now we charge here we charge $275 um uh and I'm telling you it costs every bit of that um for uh po cleaning and whatever Wi-Fi this is um the number one thing that people look for uh in Airbnb is high speed um I should just show you my own listing um whoops we'll go to menu listings uh I'll show you my own listing and um this is what we do um so so it's

airbnb.com snowgums so um you can get what's called a um custom domain so uh all of these photos are all professionally taken um and well let's have a look at the availability so um from then to then um okay so here's what we do here's what we do 275 bucks there we have a we don't have a service fee because we do things a little bit differently and I can go into it but um we have a a long stay discount so I I'll go back to yours um and we'll have a look at the things that immediately notice this so I noticed that you have long stays allowed uh for stays of 28 days or more which then brings us to the calendar and there's nothing available um so uh like you will get a long long you could get long stays like monthl long stays but uh your Calendar's full for the next few months so I did notice that I did notice U there is a St Leonards in Sydney but it's spelled St um so that's okay um you have got a special offer for the first three guests but it only runs until uh sometime in uh January and it's not available anytime in November or December so um that's that's something um yeah um I did have a look at that um carbon monoxide now this is going to sound funny but um you rank higher if you get a carbon monoxide um carbon monoxide detector and Airbnb will give them to you for free then um you you rank better you also rank better if you've got Wi-Fi now if you if you've got Wi-Fi there for your own purposes like um I can't imagine that I'm guessing this is probably a holiday house I'd really encourage you to go for for Wi-Fi we've got and you know if you look at our first uh thing uh in the front picture the cover this is called the hero um it's there it's it's one of the huge things that people look for um is uh a dedicated workspace as well so I no you haven't got that um EV charger um we're just giving ourselves all those little 1centers and yeah and then we charge you know good money so um free washing machine in the building uh we've got all these things um we have them there for our own purposes we use this place from time to time now pets um it's personal but I reckon you're a holiday place and I'm telling you people will um you can have a pet fee let's let's have a look at this pet fee uh you know so let's have a look what happens when you when you so this is this is a a booking for six people so it's going to have an extra person this is my place uh and it's adding up the prices says we've got 150 reviews as well so that's the thing you don't have you don't have any reviews so [Music] um uh so you can't um you can't get any um uh airb bay is a trust based system and um three pets now we actually we actually charge 150 bucks uh for pets so um but think about it um with your own place I'm guessing that people will come there during the holidays a lot of people have animals and they just won't stay with you if um if uh if they can't bring photo yeah you've said that it's a light filed house but these photos they just just don't tell that same story I'm sorry to be harsh but these are what people are going to see and they're GNA look at that and this is your chance and this looks dark so you've got a dark background here and it probably was a terrible weather but i' I'd redo your photographs or um talk to the local real estate agent get the names of um of yeah see this looks dark you got a dark background you got dark Furniture dark appliances dark things on the walls the blinds are down um so that's I I would oh you've only got nine photos um as well so let's see how many we've got um we have got show all photos um a lot more than nine so see the I think the numberers between 50 and 60 outside photos um yard photos we've got sheep um some locations um some drone photos if you can get a if you can get a drone photo maybe from the place next door that went it went for sale or something you can get you can get a lot of these sorts of things for free um so we've got endless photos backyard additional photos um you have yeah so um there's some thoughts uh I I mean I want to help you I would look at um a long stay things so um maybe see what happens is if you only at 600 a night and someone books two nights they can book the wrong two nights as well so I had a look at uh booking some um some nights and someone can stuff your your entire week up uh and they can go to January and they could book book uh Saturday and Sunday let's just say if they book Saturday and Sunday these ones they could block all of these ones out and all of these for someone that was maybe going to stay for two weeks so what I'd be thinking about doing uh San is I would uh seriously think about having um having a um a long stay rate so make it $900 a night okay for for one night or two nights or something so you'll appear on all the searches but you'll be so expensive that no one will book you and that's kind of what you want you want those uh personally I want the longest stays I I want um at least a three night stay um and if you got three nights you should be nudging about 2,000 bucks there with cleaning charges and other things so um those are the sorts of things that uh I would recommend you do um and I'd recommend you do them straight away like uh because I noticed in January like that must be peak time you're going to get booked um and someone will block out you know three nights instead of 10 okay and um you can also set the day that people must check in so this is kind of a little bit crazy this day checking on a Monday that probably wouldn't suit a lot of people so you're kind of going to miss uh you're probably going to miss something here so I'd look at these ones here making them you know making someone check in on a Saturday and stay for a week they probably will do it uh whereas at other times and they'll probably do it in January but they maybe won't do it in February um a March April uh Easter and school holidays yeah go for a um go for they call Custom stays and you can set uh a custom minimum period and you can have custom check-in dates and all of that so I hope that's interesting for you um there's lots that we can do welcome to Airbnb um I'm an ambassador I'm also a super host if there's anything I can do to help you Simone um then please don't hesitate to ask thanks a Millian cheers get free online support coaching watch videos and much much more at www.b andb hosts support.com that's www.bmo

get free online support coaching watch videos and much much more at www.bnbhostsupport.com that's www.bnbhostsupport.com


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