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Coaching Blog S1 Episode 22 - coaching session with Tracy - Designing the Perfect Four-Bedroom Airbnb Listing: Layout, Furnishings, and Privacy

Coaching Blog S1 Episode 22 - coaching session with Tracy - Designing the Perfect Four-Bedroom Airbnb Listing: Layout, Furnishings, and Privacy
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In this video, Tracy and Mark discuss the layout and furnishings of their four-bedroom place. They mention that they have a separate room for themselves, which has its own entrance and a locked door for privacy and security. They suggest checking their website for the layout of the bedrooms. Mark offers to provide suggestions for furnishing the place once he has access to the floor plan. He recommends considering the needs of guests staying at their place, such as queen or king-sized beds, seating, crockery, and utensils for six people. He also mentions the possibility of having an Igloo Smart Lock for the room. Mark advises thinking about potential hazards, like locking oneself in the room, if they decide to rent it out in the future. Additionally, he suggests considering the inclusion of a washing machine and possibly a dryer if there is no clothesline available. Tracy thanks Mark and expresses her willingness to provide more information for further assistance.

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Tracy hi Mark here um yes we do keep a room for ourselves we've got a four bedroom place and actually if you go on to our website abb.com snowgums you can actually see um the four bedroom layout um in amongst the photos um so uh yes it works for us because it has its own separate entrance um the room that we do keep for ourself is not the one we would have if we lived here um so um it's not the master bedroom but it's the the one best suited to keeping to ourself and we have a locked door onto a hallway that is locked only from the inside so it would be very difficult to um to get in so um what else um um yeah ke and cleaning and remoteness and security and gardening and all that you do need to take care of so um how do we furnish your place um well that's really something for you to work on uh how's it furnished now um I I don't know the floor plan to your property but I I have requested over here I've requested listing access so I can have a look at it if you've got a floor plan uh I can have a look at it and um I can have a look at it and I could give you some suggestions I'd probably recommend that you I think what you get is you want to know about Bing and so um think about what someone would need if they were coming to CRA and staying at your place for you know a short or a long stay um I don't know precisely where it is because I don't have listing access um oh well I do know okay I've seen there that it's in Ford but I honestly I don't know camra that well I think I know roughly where Ford is um so think about what furniture you would need I'd probably mainly go with uh queen siiz beds but a king bed is a very very popular thing and um if you if you put in King beds you'll probably get more bookings than queens although the um the uh bedding linen can be a little bit more difficult but I mean if you get it sorted out then you'll get it sorted out so um I probably tend to go for um as I said Queens at the at the very minimum uh I don't think I'd use singles if you can avoid it um and you probably get you know a couple of couples that will come to camra for the weekend uh I don't know if you said how many bedrooms it was but um so if you had uh three bedrooms that one you kept for yourself you'd need to put a lock on it um because uh just for your own privacy and security and then you can keep a few things in there whatever you want to keep in there you can keep in for yourself so um um I did mention about Igloo smart locks you can even have an igloo Smart Lock to your room um you could um and because at a later date if you wanted to make that available you could uh the only thing I'd say about um putting a lock on your room is uh if you put a lock on it and you subsequently rented it to um that room to uh guests then you don't want a um four or a kid with autism or something to go and get themselves locked in and be unable to get out so that's a hazard that you need to um plan ahead for you got to think of everything so uh I'd furnish it um i' put in um only only what you would need for um the guest so if there's uh bedding for six then you'll need you know linen for six um six chairs uh seating for six um Crockery py all for six um coffee mugs plates uh knives and you need all of that um uh probably if you have a washing machine I probably would put one in I don't know i' put a dryer in but depends if you've got a clothes line um uh and if it's convenient um probably people are not going to come there just so they can do their monthly washing but if they're staying there for a long term you know for two to four weeks then yes they probably will do their washing and will probably expect to be able to dry it as well so um yeah think about all those things um and if you can give me some more information I'll help you some more than thank you bye
get free online support coaching watch videos and much much more at www.bnbhostsupport.com that's www.bnbhostsupport.com


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