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Coaching Blog S1 Episode 21 - coaching session with Tanja - Optimizing an Airbnb Listing: Feedback and Advice for Tanja by Mark

Coaching Blog S1 Episode 21 - coaching session with Tanja - Optimizing an Airbnb Listing: Feedback and Advice for Tanja by Mark
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In this video for Tanja Mark is giving feedback and advice to someone regarding their Airbnb listing. Tanja mentions that the person has good reviews but suggests that they could improve their rating to become a superhost. They discuss the issue of accuracy in the listing and how the person could have responded differently to a negative review. Tanja suggests that the person should be careful with their choice of words and clarify what they mean by "private" and "ideal for couples." They also mention that the person can appeal a review if they believe it was inaccurate. Tanja advises the person to manage guest expectations by providing a floor plan or aerial photo of the property. They also suggest changing the description of breakfast to be more specific. Tanja encourages the person not to be discouraged and believes they have a special property that many people will enjoy. They highlight the positive aspects of the person's other reviews and emphasize the importance of accuracy in their listing.

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hi Tanja Mark here um how you going I'm just G to move that there hey look I wouldn't be too uh concerned um okay you've got good reviews 4.75 it could be better but uh I think that's enough to get you a superhost status um shortly accuracy well let's let's just actually have a look if if you didn't want if you didn't want to agree then you could have you could have actually said something different uh but here you've you've actually said yeah you were right um it was inaccurate um oops hang on sorry go um thanks for your valid feedback so um um and then you say you were just new and you're starting out you've taken on board her points that kind of says well her points were valid um I think she could have um if it was promoted as private and ideal for couples um see I think what you mean by private is you've said that uh private meaning um you know off in the wilderness um uh you're not in Suburbia I think that's what you actually mean so you do have to be careful with your choice of words ideal for couples I think you're probably referring to uh the cottage there um The Cottage is being ideal uh yet she hasn't understood it properly so um there is a way you can review um you can have your reviews reviewed uh you know so if you think that uh the accuracy if you think it was inaccurate uh there is a way and I'll send you a link about how you can appeal a um review but unfortunately you've written thank you for your valid feedback so that kind of does suggest that um uh her feedback was justified so um I I don't know that and then you say you've taken on board all the points and and then you've made adjustments so um it's probably a limit um there's probably a limmit on what you can do um my partner and I were very surprised that it's located within steps so maybe you could have a um a floor plan or an aerial photo an aerial photo would um would be the way to go um and you could probably get this from Google Earth for free and then um go through and Mark that aerial photo with um you know an arrow saying uh hosts residence pool uh Cottage so that people know so it's actually really um your job is really to manage their expectations and as long as you let them know up front what to expect then you're never going to get those sorts of re re views so um I'm sorry that you've you've had that uh I'm sorry that uh this has happened but think about it like this at least now anyone else coming is not going to um have their um have their expectations um well they are going to have them met because they see this review and so they're going to know well we're really going there for some other reason other than the very fast internet and the opportunity to go skinny diving so um the point about um the point about breakfast i' probably change your description to be basic we Supply cereal you know or a basic um stup pack starter breakfast continental breakfast people don't understand what a continental breakfast is anyway they think that that's a full American breakfast a full American breakfast is not a continental a continental is a bread roll uh and and a and a coffee that's kind of it it's it's certainly um she's poorly educated here Renee um so look at what a continental breakfast is but a continental breakfast you you do need to get your descriptions um spot on so that's part of the learning curve for you um Tanja but um uh look I wouldn't be discouraged I I think at 4.75 you're going to get better you'll get better from here just work on managing your expectations sorry not your expectations but your guests expectations work on managing those and give people no reason to misunderstand uh what to expect and what they're getting um so I hope that's helped um I'm glad we were able to um uh arrange for you those um EB PID for photos that I I sense that you've got a very special property and uh I think many many people are going to enjoy it with you that's why I wanted it to be photoed I honestly I I host I coach many many people and you're the one and only uh person that I've gifted those photos to um so I think you've got something special um and I encourage you not to be discouraged okay sure learn from this absolutely learn from it but don't be discouraged T I believe in you okay and you've got some very very nice other reviews so let's have a look at those other reviews so um cleanliness tick um Communications tick location checkin and value um well so the thing that you can work on is accuracy that's what I take out of this just work on your accuracy um the other reviews are very very nice this I you'll be back so hang in there tena work on your accuracy and don't be discouraged see you
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