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Coaching Blog S1 Episode 32 - Mark's Expert Tips: Enhancing Your Airbnb Listing - fred's masterclass

Coaching Blog S1 Episode 32 - Mark's Expert Tips: Enhancing Your Airbnb Listing - fred's masterclass
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The video is a message from Mark Smith to Fred, providing advice and suggestions on how to improve his Airbnb listing. Mark suggests setting a minimum three-night stay, not accepting last-minute bookings, and using Airbnb's algorithm to avoid potential party-goers. He also advises Fred to rearrange his photos, with the main bedroom and pool featuring prominently, and to consider removing the liquor cabinet. Mark recommends adding a floor plan and aerial photography, and highlighting the property's proximity to local amenities. He also suggests increasing the cleaning fee from $80, which he considers too low. Mark encourages Fred to require government ID for instant bookings and offers further assistance if needed.

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hi Fred Mark Smith here um I did whoops I got your message um look I I don't uh I'm not really 100% sure of what your questions are but um I did want to record a video because uh like yeah we can talk through some of the issues um it's it's much easier I'm not 100% sure what your issues might be but um uh let's have a quick look um you don't have any bookings for Easter yet I think that's quite a possibility um so you probably want to set this up so that you can uh stay for multiple nights yeah 460 looks like a good rate I would recommend that you um set it up for at least three night minimum um and if you want to avoid parties um you can I mean I I honestly I think the chances of parties are actually fairly low um but you can do things uh About It by like not taking one night bookings not taking bookings at very short notice um certainly not taking any bookings for tonight kind of thing um allow at least a 24-hour um Gap but um Airbnb is um they've got an algorithm that's insanely insanely clever and uh they have cookies and they um they know what a person's been searching on they know how old they are they know how recently that they've become a member of Airbnb uh they know yeah so the chances of someone you know wanting to have a party is that um they become a member today and want to book up a stay for tonight kind of thing or uh tomorrow night and they live around the corner um there'd be little things like that so I would think um the chances of someone booking uh you know a four night day at Easter and coming from Melbourne or Tasmania or Queensland or wherever um to have that party would be um very very well much lower um I'm not saying it's impossible but um but but uh $80 to clean your house seems incredibly cheap um to me that seems incredibly cheap so um I don't I would not have um your front door the first four photos just some tips the first four photos are absolutely uh critical um I would put your um main bedroom just this is just some some thoughts I would put your main bedroom if this is the main that's probably your first pick this is a second um yeah the pool you want that up close uh uh I don't know what you're going to do about this um Liquor Cabinet whether you um whether you uh leave all the liquor there um uh when you're not at home um I'm not sure that's a very good idea I think I would put a floor plan for your house as well um so I would absolutely rearrange the photos definitely not these ones first second and third maybe this one um but uh you know um the pool would have to be in there this huge this huge bedroom maybe this street view um in your first four photos uh I will send you a link to something called the complete guide um and uh there's lots of articles on how to um how to arrange your photos and how to tell your story Welcome to The Haven located in the heart of Northwest house ideal for accommodation for Hill song members well that's actually very good um so um well maybe put um um you've only got a very short limited uh um Title Here I I would say you know Haven walk to Metro um I know what that means you know what that means but I'm not sure that people know that that means um rail walk to rail Hill song shops um students uh I don't think students could afford this particular place professionals business teams anyone looking for short or long-term accommodation do you give um discounts for uh longer term stays let's let's have a look at that um weekly stay discount so that's excellent so that's very good but look at look at the special um discount that you you give still $80 is far too cheap uh in my opinion um uh you could also put um uh some aerial for photography in your photos you know taken from a drone showing where it is um and how close to Hillsong and I'm guessing the Bell Vista shops there um you also can put in something about the U speed of uh the internet um this is actually not I think you could put in more photos of the kitchen

um I think you could

um yeah I mean it does look like a a very good house um Fred I'm I'm not a th% sure what questions you've got but I don't think I'd be too hung up about um parties as I said well you can turn off the instant booking um if you wish um personally yeah personally I do have instant booking um I always require what's called government ID um so that a person for them to do an instant booking they must have uh showed their driver's license to ABNB uh and or passport something like that U and once they've shown the passport well everyb knows exactly who they are so um I would not take an instant booking from anyone unless they've provided that um anyway if You' got some specific questions very happy to to help you out thanks very much good good uh good luck thank you bye
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