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Coaching Blog S1 Episode 29 - Understanding Airbnb Service Fees: A Comprehensive Guide for New Hosts for Rebekah

Coaching Blog S1 Episode 29 - Understanding Airbnb Service Fees: A Comprehensive Guide for New Hosts for Rebekah
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The video is a message from Rebecca Marks Smith, who is offering advice on Airbnb service fees and host only fees. She explains that Airbnb typically charges the host a 3% fee, and the guest a service fee, which can make the total fee as high as 17%. She mentions that hosts can opt to set a host only fee, which would require them to set their price higher to cover the fee. She also discusses the use of a channel manager, which she uses due to having multiple properties, but does not recommend for new hosts with only one property. She offers to send an article on host only fees and to have a zoom call to further explain the complex fee structure. She also compliments the viewer's property and offers to add it to her wish list. The video ends with her promoting her website www.b andb hosts support.com for more support and coaching.

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get free online support coaching watch videos and much much more at www.bnbhostsupport.com that's www.bnbhostsupport.com

 get free online support coaching watch videos and much much more at www.b andb hosts support.com that's www. BNB hosts support.com hi Rebecca marks Smith here it is Wednesday the 26th of April sorry I had literally just woken up uh when I answered you earlier this morning and I actually didn't sleep that all that well I had dogs barking in the night which was a big pain but anyway I'm sorry I couldn't answer you on the spot now I think what your question relates to is something called uh well yeah it's called Airbnb service service fees and um uh it can be a little bit confusing uh there can be something called host only fees and I'll send you some links um and if you want to you can um yes if you if you want to you can actually opt to um set what's called a host only fee so let's say it's $100 let's say I'll explain how it works um it's $100 um typically typically it works like this Airbnb charges the host through 3% so it's $100 you you set your price at $100 uh it it delivers airb andb after the stay it delivers to your account about very close it's going to be very close so this give you a very good guide about $97 goes into your pardon me into your bank account it marks up your uh property to $114 so the guest so there is actually a service fee of about um on that basis 177% now I'm not I'm actually not 100% sure uh whether you can um I know I do it I do it but I I'm probably a little bit different because I've got um several uh properties and I use a different I use what's called a channel manager it's a little complicated so if this is your first Airbnb I would not recommend uh that you use a channel manager I think you you can manage it sorry you can manage it uh yourself through airb b but um my phone doesn't stop riing um so I know this is probably a little complex but um I'll send you an article on how you can select to to have what's called host only fees now what it would mean and I I think I think it can do this for you uh you can set to have what's called host aing fees now you'd need to um set your price at $115 yourself 114 and in which case airb andb would still take about 15% but it might be as high still as 177% um I don't know that one off the top of my head now I use what's called a channel manager so that means I don't use all of airbnb's Hosting tools and therefore they give me a rate of 15% but um it's host only so I know that's a little complex um if you want to I'll send you a zoom link and you can um you can absolutely definitely uh book a zoom time uh call with me if you wish and uh i' be only too happy to work through yeah I I think when you select host I actually think when if you don't use a channel manager it's still it's hostonly fees and you get charged 17% so you still um so the example that you're talking about I think that the host has has probably when they've got their bookings say on Airbnb stays verbo um booking.com whatever so that this the prices are the same across all different um channels they they set the fees to be host only I think that's probably what is going on um in your case went being a I think aand well I asked you and you said you hadn't had your first guest yet I think being a brand new host I would not recommend to um use a channel manager especially when you've only got the one property that you're managing because uh the channel manager then charges you fees um so it does end up getting up to 70% Anyway by the time you by the time people like me pay 50% plus channel manager fees so I know that's a very complex uh answer um but it's designed so that um people like me I I don't I actually don't use anyone else other than Airbnb but other I know plenty of other people that do use other channels uh to distribute and online travel agents uh and it's designed to make a Level Playing Field Complex answer I know I'm sorry I can't give you anything less complex but I think that that's the accurate answer I'm pretty sure um I'm pretty sure uh the other one that you're comparing to is is paying 15% well there's 15% included in their nightly rate

but it shows to the guest that there's no guest service fee and that's the 3% and 14% that I was I started the conversation so if you're unclear hit rewind and go back to the beginning of this um video and rewatch that oh by the way you can speed this up as well um to one and a half two two times uh um I hope that's self-explanatory if you need to have a zoom call give me a call uh your place looks actually very nice uh so I'm GNA add it to a wish list and you never know I might come see you and stay with you one time in the future thanks very much good luck with your hosting Penny um Penny sorry Rebecca Rebecca I'm sorry oh my gosh my phone just doesn't stop that was Penny that rang okay thanks million talk soon Rebecca
get free online support coaching watch videos and much much more at www.bnbhostsupport.com that's www.bnbhostsupport.com


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