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STR Street Talk Show - S1E2

STR Street Talk Show - S1E2
STR Street Talk Show - S1E2

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In this episode of the STR Street Talk Show, host Mark Smith is joined by Sue Jordan, Merrydith Callegari, and Geoff Gedge to discuss the basics of setting up an Airbnb listing. They cover various topics including:

1. Introduction and Popular Requests: Mark introduces the episode and mentions that due to popular demand, they are discussing the basics of setting up an Airbnb listing.

2. Avatar and Amenities: Sue talks about the importance of identifying your target guest (Avatar) and tailoring your amenities accordingly, such as being dog-friendly or family-friendly.

3. Listing Critique and Optimization: The hosts discuss the importance of having a catchy name and a captivating cover photo for your listing, as well as optimizing house rules to set clear expectations for guests.

4. Local Regulations and Support: Meredith emphasizes the importance of checking local council regulations before listing your property on Airbnb and highlights the support available from the hosts for new hosts.

5. Hospitality Mindset and Problem Resolution: The hosts stress the importance of adopting a hospitality mindset when hosting guests and being prepared to resolve any issues promptly and effectively, even if it means dealing with problems outside of regular business hours.

6. Market Targeting and Differentiation: Geoff emphasizes the need to target specific markets with your listing and differentiate yourself from competitors, whether it's through unique amenities or tailored experiences.

7. Conclusion and Call to Action: Mark wraps up the episode by encouraging viewers to like, subscribe, and leave comments or questions. He also reminds them to reach out to the hosts for further support and guidance in setting up their Airbnb listings.

Overall, the episode provides valuable insights and practical tips for aspiring Airbnb hosts to maximize their success in the short-term rental market.


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Mark Smith : Season 1 episode 2 at the Str Street Talk Show. I'm your host Mark Smith. We're joined today by Sue Jordan. Meredith How do I say you surname Meredith? Callegari and…

Merrydith Callegari: callegari

Mark Smith : Geoff gedge our friend Felicity can't make it here today. She's got very very VIP self-care happening today.

Sue Jordan: but

Mark Smith : by popular request Thank you for tuning in to season 1 episode 1 and by popular requests. We've had a number of people come to us and suggest that we talk about some of the basics of getting your listing set up and our group has we're very lucky to have Sue Jordan here who's the author of a book you'll have to tell me what it's called Sue. I'm gonna throw it to you now.

Sue Jordan: Yes. It's already said hosted the ultimate. to set term rental it came from me years ago just doing tips to a real estate investing group that had all bought investment properties. Wanted to put them on the short term Market. What do they started doing In our local Facebook page that turned into a book and people to this day still love it. So that's great. The basics of the saying are some things changed and hosting but What we're going to do we figure today we just begin at the beginning that was when I was trying to write my book. Where do I start? You get the beginning so We're going to talk on. ideas about setting up and you may hear floated around in the industry something called your avatar and it's about hosting for your avatar is really really important and it's part of

Sue Jordan: Amenities you've got a big five bedroom home. I'll look at a five bedroom home and go. What are we gonna do here? We're gonna have a family friendly. We've got a pool. So, we might have some Thin beds that To goals can have some queens or maybe have some room depending on the size of your rooms. We might have the single bed with a trundle. Don't let a room go to waste where you can put two beds in if you've got a friendly about who's going to stay like one particular property outcomes to mind. We did have a lot of couples stay there. It was near where they had a lot of the triathlons and mooloolaba. So we had a lot of Five full stay but then we also had mum dad Uncle Auntie grandparents and things like that stay as think about who you want to host and what amenities they want. So they want plastic simple

Sue Jordan: so I do dog friendly. That's my Trident predominant Avatar. So I have a lot of dog friendly things mentioned in my listing and I have those things and designated. Spices importantly your top amenities. Sorry I was trying to lay the scenes. Yes.

Mark Smith : Yeah, so just for our listeners there may be some of these keywords Avatar dog friendly family friendly dedicated workspace. If you want to know a little bit about some of those key terms some of these keywords. We've got a contact form at the bottom here and any of these keywords if you're not getting it or you want a copy of Sue's book. And using the contact us form. And again, we also have instant chat tool on our web page B&B host support slash Str.

Mark Smith : Show where there's an instant chat tool you can just chat away and ask for these keywords and we will get your message and pass it on to Sue or the appropriate Wilson. keep in mind on the Sunshine Coast. We've got Meredith in Tasmania Geoff in Victoria myself and Felicity in New South Wales. So we've got many of the typical houses. So if you don't happen to have a house in the Sunshine Coast or it's a one bedroom apartment the fear. all of these Basics can cover everything that Sue's talking about.


Mark Smith : Meredith you want to jump in and say something.

Merrydith Callegari: I think Geoff was before me.

Geoff Gedge: I was just gonna say I think so. You're really, an important point and that's thinking about when you set your property up who is going to be your guest who is going to come and stay at your place. So for me I cater for two different groups. My smaller one bedroom property caters shamelessly for young couples and also for gray Nomads, right people who are traveling around Australia where the wife has had enough of living out of the camper van or whatever and once The other property is three bedrooms with two bathrooms. It was this first set up Decatur for families. And then it also ers cat three couples go away. It can also have the ability that I

Geoff Gedge: Same six people stay the beds can all split into singles if they want. So it's great for hymns weekends. It's great for girls weekends. It's great for the guys to come away and they go and play golf, but it's not just enough to create a property listing and…

Sue Jordan: Yeah.

Geoff Gedge: think somebody's going to come by. It doesn't work like that. You need to Target a market the same as when you go to the supermarket those product providers Target us.

Mark Smith : Meredith

Merrydith Callegari: I think these are all excellent points. But in my opinion the very first thing you need to think about when you've got to set up an Airbnb or you're thinking of doing it is that you need to check with your local Council first whether or not Some councils have onerous registrations. Some are quite simple, but you need to check especially if you're listing a whole home listing that is separate to your own place of residence. mark

Geoff Gedge: good point Meredith

Mark Smith : Which brings us this panel Geoff and I both lawyers and we've all cover different areas. So I'm New South Wales. I'm very familiar with the Str. Rules the short-term rental rules. Meredith in Tasmania has been pioneering dealing with the world's worst Council. I can say that because I'm not a rate payer there, but maybe I'm certainly not putting words in your mouth.

Sue Jordan: you need to The field the world my heart,…

Mark Smith : I'll try to get you into.

Geoff Gedge: Yeah, I gotta say it's a bit of competition.

Sue Jordan: but you kidding me.

Geoff Gedge: So you might have the world's worst Castle. I personally have the world's best Council. We have no regulations and no rules at all.

Merrydith Callegari: We know…

Sue Jordan: 

Merrydith Callegari: how lucky you are Geoff Silver Spoon in your mouth.

Sue Jordan: I know. Yeah, yeah.

Mark Smith : so obvious

Merrydith Callegari: I personally wish I hosted in Tokyo because they really want air Bamboo's in Tokyo. So if anybody's listening from Tokyo, please list.

Mark Smith : so again, if you've got local Council regulations and a brand new host send us a message down below it B&B host dots.com find the link down below. The four of us are able to help you with your setup process and walk through all of those and we get some sponsorship from here and we can help you with the time that's required. How about we go back to sue. Thanks.

Sue Jordan: Thank you. So yeah, you go back to me. all Batman you yeah,…

Mark Smith : Yep.

Sue Jordan: I'll just say you don't stress if you don't know what Avataris very specifically know that I'm going to do a couple in their dog. Very passionate about traveling the dog with drugs. We travel with dogs. it's our thing. but then if I'm big enough picking up A families but then I've actually worked with properties as well. And they weren't sure what they're Avatar but they'll very very luxury homes. Beautiful. The lady is a wealthy investor and she loves to collect Antiquities and she's to finish these homes with these things and she's actually become very instagrammable. she's a special media and all the wannabes want to go there she is the place to be seen and a lot of people do photograph shoots there for lines

Sue Jordan: get away lines or things like that as well because that can be really good money these days as well, but I think it's important to put good Wi-Fi in and have a designated workspace just before weight loss about that. It's one with dogs as I'm sorry guys if you don't like dogs and one of the most suitable things is the I thought designated workspace for people traveling and working. I know I travel and work all the time and I need it. But please don't if you do have questions about hosting dogs. I don't know if Mark's going to let me say put my hand up. Find me. It is a passion of mine. I do it very very well. My dog friendly properties have come into the five percent in their area, which I'm pretty proud of. But If you don't like dogs, if you don't like dogs are understand dogs, please don't host dogs. It won't work.


Mark Smith : Yeah, so if you're watching the show, it doesn't matter if you're a New South Wales and you connect with some Sue because you love dogs. connect with Sue if you're in Tasmania, and you love Heritage Properties or

Mark Smith : whatever feel free to reach out to any of us if you're into sustainability. Probably felicities your lady. Sue

Sue Jordan: Going on again. And then I think about the numbers is the next thing that comes to my mind. So I have been through this with new hosts before and then they might sleep eight or they might sleep. And appropriate to have a six Set dining table. Where's everyone gonna sit? So you've really got to think about these things So if you want to host eight people while host 10 people then families that they want to sit together and they want to have a meal together. I mean I have had properties that had eight seaters and maybe slept 10, but they've always got chairs available to be able to come in to At large table. think about how much cockery Cutlery wine glasses and things like that you need for the number of guests. You're going to host. about

Sue Jordan: came up yesterday when I went and assessed a property for a lady and I was actually with my cleaner. He said how many towels do I leave them or do I just leave the linen cupboard open? No. So it gets the number of cows that you want to watch. I'll use three Tails. You'll even one town. I can only use the one tail that will get onto one later episodes. I'd guys reproduce per state because it can depend on the length of stay in the size of your property as well. But you think you've got to think about who wants to use the property how many people will be? using

Sue Jordan: You guys got anything to add on that. And I don't know if I'm glad to say big pots because that's what I said before Meredith in love might be but you've got a big family staying. To guarantee it give them a big pot pasta Sorry, Mark back to…

Mark Smith : Yeah. where my properties a lot of them are situated in wine districts,…

Sue Jordan: It's a

Mark Smith : and food and wine. So a lot of our people We've got eight shares but sometimes not a thing gets used because they're out of the restaurants and wine tasting all weekend. So

Mark Smith : I guess the message that comes through loud and clear is if you want to get onto Airbnb and you want to start enjoying some of these rental from short-term rental, then think about who your customers going to be a lot of our Clients coming to I've got businesses in Orange and Western Sydney, they're coming for mining. so if they're not there for wine tasting they may be there for business through the week and their miners so you can cater for more than one market.

Sue Jordan: Yeah.

Mark Smith : You have to think about who's going to pay your bills?

Sue Jordan: 

Mark Smith : Meredith

Sue Jordan: She's muted.

Mark Smith : 

Sue Jordan: I'm here you murdered.

Geoff Gedge: You're on YouTube. you'd think…

Merrydith Callegari: So I'm muted up the other thing.

Geoff Gedge: since private we

Mark Smith : later that

Sue Jordan: mmm

Merrydith Callegari: I think that's important to think about now is where you're listing. Are you listening in an apartment building if you are how will you guess get into your property? Will they be allowed to access a key safe outside the building or will you have to find somebody to deliver the key to them? This is a really important part because I have a lot of people who come to me and say my apartment building won't allow me to put a key safe anywhere on the outside of the building. How am I going to get my guests the key? this is something that you need to think of before you start.

Sue Jordan: Food. Yeah.

Merrydith Callegari: very important

Sue Jordan: it's one of the first things whenever he also and come through and they've got an apartment off just set one up literally in Brisbane City with a lady and that was our thing and thankfully. one of my ideas I gave her is that she has a boxing before 7 convenience store just at the base of the building basically and then there's all the safe codes there. Now it's not a lot of money that she pays to the guy she rents a bit of spare key safe. So the guests when they arrive it's in message. they get the thing they get because you can't get into the buildings but your tags and you're talking and your swipers and things and keyless is a great way to go but it's just not always the case and I was just thinking most of you and I would have a very similar Mark in some ways with you to get a lot of Internationals.


Merrydith Callegari: Yes.

Sue Jordan: said before Having Internationals in my I've got a little granny flat that Internationals just love. It's a really affordable way to get around because I can cook their own food. They can. In there and I leave little gifts for the Internationals as well now like tim tams and a little clip-on koala stuck on the Tim Tam thing and…

Geoff Gedge: Why did I know you'd be leaving a koala?

Sue Jordan: I just think that's the best. little too

Geoff Gedge: Of course, you'd be leaving a koala?

Sue Jordan: A Little Koala or a little kangaroo and That's the best thing.

Merrydith Callegari: But they do like it.

Geoff Gedge: I think one of the things that people often.

Sue Jordan: Of Timmy Tim. So when Tim thanks to $250 you buy them lots of them. Sit gone up. Sorry Geoff.

Geoff Gedge: I think one of the things that people also forget about is how you're going to deal with a so problems never happen between nine o'clock and five o'clock. I can tell you they always happen at 9pm on a Sunday night.

Sue Jordan: remember

Geoff Gedge: And so you've got to think about how you're going to deal with that because it kind of doesn't work to say. I'll come over on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. So are you going to go and deal the problem yourself? Do you have somebody else around that you can send around if you need to always have a plan B on how to deal with these issues because how you resolve an issue for a guest is probably going to impact what your star rating is when they check out. If it's resolved

Merrydith Callegari: I agree.

Sue Jordan: Back up for backup. is in back Back people with and…

Geoff Gedge: Yeah.

Merrydith Callegari: mark

Sue Jordan: get you 24-hour trades before you start as well. Have them on speed dial.

Mark Smith : Yeah, ladies and gentlemen, you're exactly right Geoff. this is a fellow who's got a listing in the top 1% I had at his Profile have a look and listen what he says you've got to think about these things. We saw something through in one of our community groups that cost one of the hosts like five or six hundred dollars because the toaster popped a fuse and I think the host got a one-star rating and a $500 bill. Because the guest couldn't get the fuse to come back on. Did I get the story correct?

Geoff Gedge: Yeah, nothing. That's right. It is I mean because what it's called Mark is it's called loss of amenity and Airbnb. Will automatically as a minimum refund against 20% of the rate for loss of an amenity. So the more you can do to rectify that problem quickly. The better it is. Yeah, and it's most ridiculous. I have driven for one and a half hours on a Saturday night because a group of guests say at the property could not get Netflix to work. Okay may seem like a really minor thing, but it's not a minor thing to them. I've paid to stay there. And they wanted to watch a movie on Netflix. This was really important to them.

Geoff Gedge: So as inconvenient as an hour and a half trip each way once I mind you they were offering food and drink as soon as I got there because it took me 32 seconds to fix their problem. But that's what you want. You want the guests to remember that you went out of your way to make this day as good as your possibly could.

Sue Jordan: Tom get good at Don't Mark you get put a troubleshooting over the phone and what we've actually done is we've taken photographs of the remotes all the properties and then I hand that over. My hubby Mark is more Tech than me. So he's actually got a photo of the remote in front of him for TV issues. And when you're saying about these are going right. the last two public holiday

Sue Jordan: Friends Saturday as guests have arrived. We've had hot water services touching…

Sue Jordan: touching check

Geoff Gedge: No, that's the worst.

Mark Smith : Did you still get a five-star rating? So that's the question but before you answer I guess.

Sue Jordan: We can. Yeah, we did.

Mark Smith : People that decide to be hosts have to understand that okay or there they want to put their property on Airbnb then they're really electing to enter the hospitality space and you've got to have that mindset that you're caring for Mary and Betty who are staying there and paying a thousand dollars a night. And yes, they want to watch whatever. It is on Netflix and your job is to keep the toaster running and keep Netflix on


Merrydith Callegari: And my next point that I'd like to bring up is the name of your listing. I'm not sure if Sue talked about this before but the name of your listing and the cover photo that you put on Airbnb will be the most important thing to get a customer to come to you,…

Geoff Gedge: hugely

Merrydith Callegari: all the background stuff that we're talking about is also massively important but choosing a good name a name that Resonates with your guests will be key because I remember when I first started mine and I had all sorts of different. iterations and I finally hit on the one that resonated with guests. So try to pick a great catchy name and

Sue Jordan: Okay.

Merrydith Callegari: You'll do well and have a great cover photo.

Sue Jordan: I haven't changed when nine years some of my…

Geoff Gedge: It Meredith that's a brilliant point.

Sue Jordan: Yeah. It's cool at the interrupt if you can be a patent interrupting your area. So if someone's scrolling through and it's bedroom. that's different. just got a thought pattern in their brain pattern. So when you look at my properties people have copied what I do. It's very interesting as soon as I started doing what I do but I picked. It so you want to look at that hero shot firstly be a patent interrupt you something. So if you've got lots of bedrooms beer Lounge room or beer Veranda or be the view or be someone completely different if there's Leaving Being amazing bedroom with a great view or whatever my hero shots for my dog friendly have a dog in it. And a very specifically shows that it's Beach and it's fun. It's color.

Sue Jordan: So it's a patent interrupt firstly is what our four people that are traveling with the dog as well because I sit and go I can take my dog there. my God, I can go that dog beach blah. So have Had to everybody else in the area. Look at what everyone else is doing and be slightly different and highlight what it is about your property. So if it's about the I have been businesses 33 stories up. It's the view of the city. that's the lounge room with that view. So, yeah. the best Property and why someone wants to be there and some people have winter and summer shots, too. I'm going through that with a couple of properties at the moment where we're moving into our winter. the fireplace was important somewhere else so …

Merrydith Callegari: I think Mark's got something to say. Mark, what was it?

Sue Jordan: sorry, I'm putting any video at his window.

Merrydith Callegari: You undec?

Mark Smith : I don't think Sunshine Coast is very well qualified to talk about winter.

Geoff Gedge: That's what I was thinking.

Merrydith Callegari: No. No, do they actually know what a fireplace is.

Sue Jordan: course not working with someone else Hey.

Geoff Gedge: What was it? Was it 25 degrees? We having to get you jump around for 25.

Sue Jordan: probably 24 No,…

Merrydith Callegari: And…

Sue Jordan: I've got to probably one place to land one five.

Merrydith Callegari: I say my next important thing is House Rules.

Sue Jordan: They want fires. how to jump right

Merrydith Callegari: Can I say my next important thing is house rule. us

Sue Jordan: man, a very long. if you want

Geoff Gedge: gay Meredith

Merrydith Callegari: House rules are pretty important.

Mark Smith : married again, which

Sue Jordan: I can also.

Merrydith Callegari: And I know when a normal person doesn't think about a house rule, but you need to think about what your guests might do in us when you're not there and what things you're happy for them to do and what things you're not happy for them to do. So start thinking about those sorts of things what in the early stages of setup we can give you lists and help you with that, but you should start thinking about it. If there's some dangerous area you need a house full for it. If you're gonna loan them bikes you need a houseful for it. If you've got a pool you need a house full for it everything. It's almost like a disclaimer these days so think about that.

Geoff Gedge: he and if you're hosting a room, are you happy for your male guests to walk around naked? Trust me. It happens more than you would think.

Merrydith Callegari: We may be Sue I don't know about you Geoff, but we must


Sue Jordan: I had a new me into this week and she's a private room and the same things because I've just had an inquiry Sue and the lady wants to know if it's okay. if I'm somebody naked and it's always private rumors Geoff that I know a guy that does very very well in. Queensland closed optional Airbnb host. He has extremely well because he's closed optional like I did really well because I allow pets but yeah my house rule started quite small, and don't worry you take them at things will come up in your lab to them. Sorry.

Merrydith Callegari: mark

Mark Smith : And I know we were talking about icons last week, but who could forget that? I won't name names, but we were shown something from a group of Pilots that It was fantastic looking Airbnb. I will throw the link if I can find it. Do you know the one I'm talking about?

Geoff Gedge: Was that the one that had the BDSM room? in Perth

Mark Smith : Yes, I was just about to say in Perth. that has a very specific Avatar and you can go for it with any type of property. It doesn't have to be dog friendly. It can be whips and Friendly. I think that's what you were talking about.

Merrydith Callegari: Then we get back to the north the normal stuff like you need a bank account.

Sue Jordan: if you have

Mark Smith : Yeah, yes bank account,…

Geoff Gedge: that

Mark Smith : but again I think you're very unqualified to talk about Sun baking at a thousand meters above sea level or in Tasmania Sue there, we've got to cut you off but at a thousand meters above sea level at Orange, we do have house rules about firewood as So look ladies and gentlemen. If you're feeling slightly overwhelmed don't we can help you solve all of these things? So do use the forms below and contact us and will happen. East

Merrydith Callegari: Yeah, get my checklist for a new.

Geoff Gedge: Yeah for those of us down south.

Sue Jordan: It all comes.

Geoff Gedge: That's true for those of us down south Meredith and…

Sue Jordan: It all comes together.

Geoff Gedge: We probably have house rules that actually tell you how to light the fire. Because I don't want my house burnt down.

Sue Jordan: I can modify.

Merrydith Callegari: In Tasmania.

Sue Jordan: I stayed in the bunion Mountain.

Merrydith Callegari: We have reverse cycle aircom.

Sue Jordan: Yeah that not saying with times up. Yes. We've got to save all these things.

Geoff Gedge: alright

Sue Jordan: There's so much to take these people you've got episodes and episodes to go.

Sue Jordan: boyfriend Sorry, Mom.

Mark Smith : That's So ladies and gentlemen, hit the like and the Subscribe button and send us your comments down below. We love you questions. And if you've got more of a private question use the contact form below and you can hit that to sue Felicity Geoff or myself and

Merrydith Callegari: and me

Geoff Gedge: Are you married?

Mark Smith : part of it and…

Sue Jordan: and I thought he said

Mark Smith : Meredith if you Speak Japanese, or you looking for the BDSM Market? I'd probably recommend Geoff for that but ladies and gentlemen, thanks for joining us on season season 1 episode 2 of the Str Street Talk Show got any questions. Send us a message. Thanks a lot. Bye.

Merrydith Callegari: the next time

Geoff Gedge: Stay up. Bye.


STR Street Talk Show - S1E1

STR Street Talk Show - S1E1

Listen to the Podcast

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